Software recommendation: system optimization without “moving” the registry

Although it is possible to optimize and tune your system by manually modifying the registry, direct manipulation of the registry is risky and technically difficult. Instead of manually optimizing the registry, we can use a software called Reg Organizer to make the process of tuning and optimizing your system easier and safer. During the optimization process, you won’t even think you are operating the registry.

Tip: Since the above software is still essentially modifying the registry, please do a good job of creating system restore points and registry backups before making adjustments, so that you can restore your system after an untoward event.

1. Clean up privacy data quickly

There are many items of privacy data, and it is very troublesome to clean them manually. Start Reg Organizer software, select “PRIVATE DATA CLEANUP” option, check the items you need to scan, and then click “CLEAN UP” button to complete the cleaning of private data in one click (Figure (Figure 1)


2. Registry Defragmentation and Compression

Defragmenting and compacting the registry can improve registry performance and thus overall system performance. Select the “REGISTY OPTIMIZATION” option to automatically detect many types of registry errors, including invalid references to folders, files and DLLs, invalid uninstall data, outdated and invalid file extensions or other problems (Figure 2).


Tip: The software comes with a registry enhancement editor that enables you to view and edit the system registry in a user-defined way, choose to create registry keys, import and export or copy and utilize these keys, edit and manipulate the contents of REG registry files.

3. Visualize and manage autoboot

Many items will be loaded automatically when the system starts up, among which there may be contents we don’t need, which will take up system resources and slow down the system operation. Through the “STARTUP APPLICATIONS” option, you can easily control the self-starting programs such as deleting and adding (Figure 3).


4. Software Uninstallation and Monitoring Installation

To uninstall software installed on your system, you can do so with the built-in advanced software uninstaller tool, UNINSTALLER. It can also perform software installation in a monitored manner for more thorough uninstallation of software.

Tip: In addition to optimizing your system by modifying the registry, Reg Organizer can also be used to clean up disk space. Click on the “SYSTEM CLEANUP” option and then click on the “SCAN SYSTEM” button in the right pane to complete the space release and error repair (Figure 4). This process automatically scans and deletes unnecessary files from the disk, and can search for and automatically repair invalid shortcuts.


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