System hacks: Take screenshots and sketches without external help

In the past, sketches with annotations and length and angle measurements were usually done with the help of special third-party sketching tools. Now, we can easily create drawings that require scales and angles with the “Screenshot and Sketch” tool that comes with Windows 10 1809. The tool supports sketching on the basis of screenshots.

Windows 10’s screenshot tool has been around for a long time, but it has been criticized for having simple screenshot functionality without practical annotation, and many people have gone to third-party screenshot software for this reason. Now, if we open “Screenshot Tools” in Windows 10 version 1809, we will see the following message “Screenshot Tools are moving”, suggesting that the screenshot tools will be moved to a new location in a later version and may be replaced by a new tool The screenshot tool will be moved to a new location in a later version and may be replaced by a new tool called “Screenshots and Sketches” (Figure 1).


Click the “Try screenshots and sketches” link above or search for “screenshots and sketches” through Cortana to launch the screenshots and sketches tool right away (Figure 2).


After opening the “Screenshot and Sketch” tool, you can capture the screen with the first tool button. When the screenshot button is pressed, a selection of screenshot types will appear, and we can choose from three buttons: Rectangle Clip, Any Shape Clip, and Full Screen Clip.

The second button on the toolbar allows you to open existing images for editing, a very powerful feature that supports up to nearly 30 image formats, including even RAW format images taken by professional DSLR cameras (such as Canon’s .CR2 format, Nikon’s NEF format, Panasonic’s RW2 format, and Olympus’ ORF format) (Figure 3).


When the first button is pressed to take a screenshot of the screen area, the picture editing window then automatically opens, and the editing buttons on the toolbar light up, from left to right: touch write, ballpoint pen, pencil, highlighter, eraser, ruler and protractor, and crop tool (Figure 4). Through these tools, you can basically complete the picture text and line graphics labeling, size cropping and length and angle measurement and other daily operations.



If you want to launch the screenshot software directly by pressing the PrtScn button, you can set it in the settings of this software, click the “Use PrtScn button to open screenshot” link, and jump directly to the screenshot shortcut in the “Settings” window of the system Switch, turn on the switch (Figure 5).


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