Ten generations of Core games turned over? Try this trick

Every new generation of products always has a little flaw, this is not, recently is the fire of the tenth generation Core and stall, many players respond to play the game will appear to crash, and the reason directly to the hands of this processor. Many game programs may not know the tenth generation Core, running errors are normal, just wait for the next version on …… what? Can not wait? Then hurry up and try this solution below.


First, press Win+Pause at the same time to enter the “System” page, then click “Advanced System Settings – Advanced – Environment Variables” to enter the environment variables page.


Click the “New” button in the lower “System Variables” window, and enter the following information in the “Variable Name” and “Variable Value” fields the following information.

Variable name: OPENSSL_ia32cap

Variable value: ~0x200000200000000


After clicking the “OK” button, you can see the added items in the “Environment Variables” window, confirm that they are successfully added and click the “OK” button. To make sure that this change works, you can restart your computer and try opening the game afterwards, usually you can get it done. If it still doesn’t work, you’ll have to wait for a subsequent system or game patch update.


By the way, I believe that many of you will run to the official forum to complain or seek help, if the customer service to ask you for configuration details without typing by hand, you can simultaneously press the Windows key + R, in the “Run” window, type dxdiag and press Enter to run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. In the interface, select “Save all information – Save document to desktop”, the generated DxDiag.txt, is a comprehensive hardware and software configuration of your favorite machine.



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