Office hacks: text boxes to achieve PPT multi-picture layout

In the slideshow sometimes need to display multiple pictures, if the picture layout is disorganized, the slide will look bland. To make the picture layout new and chic, but also simple and easy to operate, the use of text boxes is not a good way (Figure 1). This article illustrates the operation in PPT2019 as an example.


First, create a new blank slide, insert a horizontal text box, switch the input method to the English state, enter five “-” (the number of symbols can be determined according to the number of images to be typeset); selected text box, switch to the “Format” tab. Click “Text Effect → Conversion → V-shaped: positive” (of course, you can also choose other categories as needed), so you can get the “shape” as shown in the figure. In fact, it is still a text box, not a real shape. Pull up the text box, adjust the size of this “shape” (Figure 2).



If you want to adjust the distance between these characters, you can select this text box, switch to the “Start” tab, click “Character Spacing → Other Spacing”, in the pop-up window of the “Character Spacing “tab, select “Tighten” or “Widen” at the spacing as needed, and set the metric as needed. Here the shape of the text box, there will be yellow control points on the top, you can adjust the size of the arc.

Next, it’s time to do a Boolean operation to split the shapes, convert the text box into a real shape, and then fill each shape with a text image. Draw a rectangle above the text box so that it is larger than the text box; right-click the drawn rectangle and select “Place on Bottom” to place it below the text box; select both elements, switch to the “Format” tab, and click “Merge Shapes → Split” (Figure 3).


In this way, the rectangle is split into several shapes, and the overall shape of the final result is obtained by deleting the extra elements after the split (Figure 4).


Finally, right-click on each shape, select “Set Shape Format”, click “Fill → Picture or Texture Fill”, select the required picture, and then set the corresponding background for the slide as needed on it. Of course, you can also set the style of each shape as needed, such as borders, light, 3D effects, etc.

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