Office hacks: text flash PPT easy to do

We can often see flash text videos on Shake, which are very eye-catching. In fact, this effect of the video is not the only professional tools to produce, with the daily use of PPT software can be easily completed, this article on the default PowerPoint 2019 and plug-in operation as an example to introduce the production method.

○Simple setup using slide switch production

We first create multiple new slides, fill the background with black, click “Insert → Art Word” in turn, in each slide, respectively, insert the yellow art word, and set the text in a different location in the slide. You can also set a different orientation for the text, such as the first slide on the text copied to the second, and rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise, after adding specific switching effects will have a better display effect (Figure 1).


Figure 1 Slide setup

Select the first slide, click “Switch” in the menu bar, “Effect” select “Flash”; “Sound ” select “Explosion”, and check the following “Keep looping before playing the next sound”; “Duration” is set to “0.25s”; in the “film change” check the “set automatic film change time”, the time is set to “0.25s “. Finally click “Apply to All”, so that each slide will have the same effect (Figure 2).


Figure 2 Setting switching parameters

Of course, we can also set different switching effects for each slide, such as the second slide set to “smooth”, the third slide set to “pull up the curtain” and so on. Select the last slide, remove the “sound” under the “play the next sound has been looped before” check box (to prevent the background music has been playing), then switch to the “slide show → Start from the beginning “, you can see the flashing text video effect. Each slide will automatically switch in turn, accompanied by “flash” and “explosion” background music (Figure 3).


Figure 3 Preview effect

If you are satisfied, click “File → Export → Create Video”, select the video quality and “seconds per slide show” as needed, and finally click “Create Video” can be (Figure 4).


Figure 4 Create video

○Effects are richer Use animation to create flash text

The above method is relatively simple to operate, but if you need to show more text, the number of slides will also increase, the operation will be more inconvenient. We can place all the text in the same slide, by setting different animation effects to achieve the flash.

Create a new slide, then enter all the text you need to set the flash effect and adjust it to the appropriate position. Select the first text, switch to “Animation → Add Animation → Turn”, follow the prompts to add a path animation on the text, and then adjust the starting path, so that the end path in front of the second text, “Duration” is set to “0.5s”. Continue to click “Add Animation” to add a “disappear” exit animation for the text. Operation as above, use “animation brush” to add animation for the other text in turn, and adjust the starting position, so that the flashing text moves in the order of “coming, iron, please, like” (Figure 5).


Figure 5 Adding animation

To add background music, click “Insert → Audio → Audio on PC” in turn, you can edit the inserted audio (select only the most appropriate clip), while checking the “Loop until stopped” and ” Hide when screening” check box, and finally click “Preview” to view the final results (Figure 6).


Figure 6 View Preview

As above, you can export it as a video file. Or export it as a GIF image (choose Create as GIF dynamic image), you can send the exported image to QQ, WeChat and other applications as dynamic expressions.

o Make more efficient with PPT plugin “Pocket Animation”

The above method requires users to manually set the slide switch and animation effect, if you want to make flash text video more efficiently, you can also use the PPT plug-in “Pocket Animation” to make it ( It comes with a flash text effect component, which can be done by simple settings.

After the installation of the plug-in click “Pocket Animation PA → Super Flash”, in the pop-up dialog box, enter the text you need to make flash (each need to segment the display of Chinese characters separated by commas), click “Confirm Add”, and then select your own needs flash effect (Figure 7). In addition, you can also insert pictures and other content, although it does not support the insertion of animation, but you can use GIF pictures instead.


Figure 7 Insert flash text

Finally click “Generate Flash Animation”, it will automatically create a new PPT document and add flash animation effect in each slide. We can also edit the animation effect of each text, for example, select a text and then click “Pocket Animation PA→Shake Animation→Generate Monkey Text”, so that you can quickly generate shake style animation. In addition, you can also re-select other flash templates to generate animations, and then export them as videos or GIF images after you are satisfied with the preview (Figure 8).


Figure 8 Preview Super Flash


“Pocket Animation PA” also provides “Record Animation” function, which can directly record the operation process of the current slide as animation, such as moving the text in the slide itself to generate animation, so that you can get more flash effect when editing.

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