Office hacks: text pictures from the paper seam effect tricky production

How well text or images appear in a slideshow affects to some extent whether that slideshow is engaging or not. Get rid of the bland conventional display, you can make your slides more eye-catching. To this end, the following I will introduce you to a text or picture in the slide show special display effect – drill out the paper slit effect (Figure 1).


First, create a new blank slide, with the preferred image as its background; use the text box to insert each required text (for example: computer enthusiasts), set the text style, such as font, size, gradient fill, etc., as needed to place each text position; you can also insert other appropriate images as needed, such as Logo and other images (Figure 2).


Then, insert a right triangle at the word “electricity”, rotate the triangle 90 degrees to the left, adjust its size so that its size can cover the corresponding text, and set it to no outline. Similarly, add right triangles for other text and adjust their size; use the “Place on Top” menu to adjust the hierarchy of triangles and text. Draw a straight line at the hypotenuse of the triangle corresponding to the word “electricity”, with the same length of the line as the hypotenuse of the triangle. Similarly, draw the corresponding straight line at the hypotenuse of the other triangles. Draw a rectangle below the Logo image, without outline, and adjust its size to cover the Logo (Figure 3).


Next, set the animation effect. Select all the text and Logo, switch to the “Animation” tab, add the “disappear” animation effect, set the beginning to “at the same time as the previous animation”; select the word “electricity”, add the animation effect as “appear”, then add the animation effect as “other path→left”, adjust the starting position of this animation in the word “electricity” behind the corresponding triangle, so that the triangle can mostly cover the text, the end position in the word’s current display position, the beginning is set to “at the same time as the previous animation”, the duration is “0.5 seconds”. Similarly, add the same animation effect for other text, except that the start of the “appear” animation for other text is set to “after the previous animation”. Similarly, add “appear” and “up” animation effects for Logo image, the start of “up” animation effect is located behind the rectangle, and the end is at the current displayed position (Figure 4 ).


Finally, the fill color of each triangle and rectangle is set to “slide background fill”, the color of each line can also be set as needed. This creates the effect of text and images coming out of the paper.

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