Software recommendation: text to picture without fear of font change

Some web pages or documents if you use a special font, there may be a lack of such fonts in the system and be replaced by other fonts, which will make the display effect “distortion”. In order to make the work of the font can always remain the same, you can use a small software Text Images, first text paragraphs into images, and then the converted text images used in the web page or document.

First run the Text Images software and type or paste the text paragraph to be displayed in the Text text box. Note that there are two options below the text box, one of which Write the whole text on one image, meaning that all the text will be output as a picture; and the other option is to save each line as a separate picture (Figure 1).


Since the default font is not what we need and the font size is not appropriate, you need to click Font and Format tab to make some necessary settings. For example, here the Font Size is set to 20, the Font Type is set to “Chinese Amber”, the Font Format is set to Italic, and a set of foreground and background colors are set (Figure 2).


At this point, if you find that the line spacing of the text is not satisfactory, click on the Margins and Spaces tab and set the Line Height to 12 or other in it, which will be visually fresher (Figure 3).


Finally, you need to make the necessary settings for the image saving project. Click the Save tab, select the folder where the image is saved in the Directory box, enter the file name in the File Name text box, and select the type of image to be saved via the File Format box (there are more than 20 image formats to choose from) (Figure 4).


Tip: For the automatically named file names, you can use the Options for File Names button to make personalized file name settings, which can set items such as case, serial number, file name length and character rules (Figure 5).


Once everything is set up, click the Create and Save button to get the text image in the output folder.

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