The AND function in Microsoft Excel 2019

The AND function returns true in the cell ifall conditions are met. It is a logical function and is used toinvolve more than one condition. Let’s try a simple example before welook at more complicated arguments. Have a look at the followingscreenshot:

ms office 512

We will work on the AND-Function.xlsx workbook for thisexample.

  1. Make sure you are on the second sheet, then click in cell D12 toenter the AND function. We will use the ANDfunction to return TRUE in cell D12 ifthe first test result is greater than or equal to 48 and the second testresult is greater than or equal to 85; else, it will return FALSE.
  2. Type =AND(B12>=48,C12>=85)into cell D12, then press Enter to see the results, which areshown in the following screenshot:
ms office 572

You will see from the following examples that they are much morecomplicated in terms of the number of arguments that need to be met. Tryout both of the following examples. The criteria for each part of theformula is listed to the right of the subject mark. The examples arelocated on the first sheet of the workbook, for reference. Have a lookat the following screenshot:

ms office 327

The following example displays TRUEwhen it is satisfied that all of the arguments in the ANDformula are met:

ms office 639

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