The benefits of the old game pixel integer scaling to understand

Now pixel games are very popular, more focused on the essence of the game design and leave more room for imagination of the style of painting, so that people do not realize that addicted. But they, like many older games, are not the standard 3D modeling mapping screen, so when used in high resolution is often a larger picture, but also blurred. What is this fat thing? Can you solve it? Today we will talk about the function for this problem – integer scaling.


What is there to talk about? Don’t underestimate it, it’s actually not that simple. Because our graphics card, or GPU actually does not know the contents of the pixel, so the enlargement will use the approximate sampling of the enlargement, not directly using the color and location of the pixel points, which is why the screen is enlarged after the wrong color, blurred picture.



As for the new Integer Scaling feature, it is a smarter way to use hardware-accelerated programmable scaling filters through the closest pixel multiplication model to make the scaling more accurate in terms of sampling and magnification, so that the picture remains sharp and the image edges remain sharp even after it is scaled to higher resolutions. It’s like scaling each pixel directly by an integer multiple.



Of course, this “smarter” method also requires a more powerful GPU and newer drivers, which are currently only available for the new generation of N-cards with version 436.02 and newer drivers installed. To enable this feature, first right-click on the desktop and open the NVIDIA Control Panel.


On the left side of the interface, locate “Display – Resize and Position Desktop”, then you can see that the scaling mode in the right window has one more item “Integer Scaling” than the previous driver. As the current version only supports integer scaling of the GPU (i.e., the game application), click the circle in front of you to select this feature to enable this function, which will override the relevant settings in the application by default. After selecting it, exit the driver and reboot.


Now the pixel game is so hot, AMD and Intel are of course also in the eye, so their new generation of unique graphics, core graphics and related drivers will follow, have bought the RX 5xxx and the tenth generation of Core partners do not rush, wait patiently, I believe that our old games and pixel games can soon become larger and clearer picture it.


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