The circle of friends is attacked by accurate advertising? Do so can return you a trace of fresh

Small partners in playing WeChat circle of friends, must have encountered advertising, but advertising is not terrible, the terrible thing is that many ads are really like normal information sent by friends, so often with a string of friends praise and comments, of course, which does not have the fire-eye of small partners …… it? So embarrassing ads, there is no way to avoid it?


What did you say? Just choose “not interested”? It’s too easy to think that in a couple of days there will definitely be a glance at the wrong “pseudo” circle of friends. In fact, these ads are especially like normal circle of friends, because the analysis of our habits and friends, the corresponding selection of recommendations, such as car circle of friends, there will be car company ads; often show love, today “520” ads must be a lot.


The good thing is that these ads belong to the use of user privacy, and Tencent provides a corresponding switch based on privacy protection considerations. The process of turning off this feature is a bit complicated, but the actual operation is quick and can be done in a minute. Let’s first select “Me – Settings – About WeChat” in WeChat.



In the WeChat version information screen, click on the “WeChat Privacy Guidelines” link at the bottom of the screen, then slide down a page and click on the “4. After the jump, select the “About Ads” link hidden in the text to enter Tencent’s privacy protection platform.




In this interface, pay attention to the second text, and select the “Manage” link in it, which is the official entry into the ad management interface, but you need to log in first. Click “Login” to choose WeChat or QQ account to login, here we suggest you to choose QQ if you have QQ installed in your phone, because WeChat login will enter the third-party platform development access interface, which is very troublesome.



After logging in, you will go back to the ad management interface, turn the page to see 4 closeable items, close them all. But after closing, you will see that the validity of these options is only 6 months, after the expiration of the circle of friends will inevitably appear again not easy to distinguish the ads, then come again to close it.



Well, although annoying ads are still inevitable, at least the embarrassment of liking, commenting and retweeting ads should be less likely to happen this half year. If you think you have solved your own problems, please support us more Oh, like the content to share more, but this can not be considered advertising said.


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