The CONCAT function in Microsoft Excel 2019

This is a wonderful new function in Excel that replaced theCONCATENATE function in Excel 2016. It combines the contentsof separate cells together into one cell. For instance, you have a listin Excel where first names are in column A and the surnames are incolumn B. You would like to combine these two into one cell, separatingthem with a space or possibly putting the surname first, separated by acomma, then the first name of the person. You can join up to 255strings/texts together using CONCAT.

The CONCAT function allows you to join several textstrings into one! Open the CONCAT.xlsx file and proceed asfollows:

  1. We will use the CONCAT function to combine thefirst names in column B with the surnames in column C.
  2. The result will be collected in cell L5. Click into cell L5. Type=CONCAT(B5,C5).
  3. Press Enter to view the result. Note that the name andsurname have combined into cell L5, but we need to use aseparator to create distance between the two words.
  4. Let’s edit the formula. Double-click on cell L5. We will add a spacein between the arguments referring to cells B5 and C5. The space wouldneed to be enclosed by inverted commas, as you have learned previously.The new formula will read =CONCAT(B5,””,C5), as illustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 315
  1. Press Enter to view the new result. Copy the formula downusing AutoFill so that all the namesand surnames are combined with a space in between.

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