The first few ways to install Win11

The holiday is fast approaching, back to the unit or school, open the computer to start work or study partners are not feeling much change? Wrong! In fact, changes have already occurred during the holidays, Win11 has been officially released, several installation methods are also ready, just waiting for you to choose it.


Before starting the installation must be stressed, you should first confirm their computer hardware configuration, BIOS settings, etc. in line with the requirements of Win11, which can refer to the previous relevant push. In addition, we have also mentioned that the core configuration of AMD Raider 3000/5000 high-end models has some conflicts with Win11’s balanced load method, so it is recommended that these partners wait for the problem to be solved before upgrading. In addition, make sure to backup the most important data before upgrading to avoid accidents.


System update

As we have mentioned before, Win11 is very suspected to be the 21H2 version of Win10, so it is also the same as other version updates, you can directly use the Windows Update function of Win10 system. Click the Windows key, select the gear (Settings) button in the bottom left corner of the pop-up menu, and then click the “Update and Security” function in the Settings page. We are more likely to see a new optional update 09, better install it first.


If you are lucky, you may see the message that Win11 is ready after rebooting and opening the “Update and Security” screen again, we just need to wait for it to update in the background.


Win11 Update Assistant

If you want to try Win11 earlier, like other Win10 versions, we can use the update assistant or install it completely. (


Of course the name of this update assistant is Windows 11 installation assistant, download it and double click to open it, wait for it to confirm the system status and then you can enter the installation interface. One thing to note here, if your computer has no warning after testing with the official testing tool, but the update assistant refuses to install, it is very likely that there is a software problem with Win10’s account, activation, etc.


New installation

If for some reasons, the Win10 at hand does not use Microsoft account, or there is a problem with Win10 activation and it is not good to fix. Then you can consider using a fresh install after backing up your data and logging in your account or activation during the installation process. In the download page above, we can also find the option to make Win11 installation media or disk image. Here we suggest to prefer the installation media, which can be automatically installed on the U disk we commonly use to install the system.


The installation process of these two ways and Win10 is no different, here is not long-winded, partners just follow the requirements step by step can basically get it done. Finally, I emphasize that if there is only one computer, and mainly to taste rather than have to upgrade, then it is best not to completely format the installation disk for a new installation, or wait for the Win11 problem to be exposed more, the big problem is solved before upgrading it.


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