The first time I saw a cell phone, I was able to use it to edit various GIF animations

Compared with video, GIF motion pictures have the advantages of small size and easy to spread, so they are popular among many young users. The problem is, in the past, when we want to make GIF, convert video to GIF or compress GIF pictures, we often need to use PC to do it. So, when there is no PC around, how to complete the above complex operations directly on the Android phone?

With the continuous improvement of smartphone hardware specifications, the complex GIF editing work that could only be done by PC can be done by APP on the cell phone. Here I recommend “GIF Doudou GIF production” (hereinafter referred to as “GIF Doudou” major brands of cell phones can be downloaded from the application store), the APP provides a wealth of GIF editing features (Figure 1).


Many GIF cameras take GIF pictures with a time limit, such as a maximum of 2 seconds, and when you want to take a certain image you need to take multiple GIF pictures in a row, which is troublesome when sharing in social software.


At this point, use the “Make GIF” function in GIF Doudou, select multiple GIFs and click the “Start Making” button (Figure 2), you can easily achieve the stitching of GIF images (Figure 3), in the editing interface we can also add text, stickers (Figure 4), and set the resolution, ratio and color of the composite GIF images through the output settings and other information (Figure 5).




If you want to convert the video to GIF, use the “Make Video to GIF” function in GIF Doudou to do it, we can set the start and end time before conversion (Figure 6).


If the capacity of the video to GIF generated by the motion picture is too large, we can also use the “Compressed GIF” function in GIF Doudou to “slim down”, by modifying the resolution size and the percentage of frames, you can compress the 10MB GIF to less than 1MB (Figure 7), but the higher the compression rate, the worse the picture quality.


In addition, this app also supports “GIF Puzzle”, which allows you to combine multiple GIF images in one picture (Figure 8), allowing you to output more interesting photos. In short, there are many other apps like GIF Doudou in the app store, and they allow the phone to handle many complex photo editing tasks that only a PC could do in the past, so why don’t you try them out?


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