Office hacks: the magic of efficient Word documents in “safe mode”

As you know, in Windows startup, the F8 key can be captured to Windows “safe mode”. So in Word, F8 also has this effect? Although the answer is no, but it allows us to enter another “efficient” world – in the Word editing and layout process, the use of the F8 key, you can extend a variety of very magical quick selection of applications.

A, the basic use of the F8 key

Usually, we select the text with a mouse stroke can be done, but this is limited to a simple choice. f8 function key allows us to make a more detailed choice of the content of the choice.

1. to open or exit the extended mode

In the Word document, when we press the F8 function key, that has been opened to expand the selection mode. In the next action, depending on the number of times the F8 key is pressed, as well as the key and mouse joint operation and other different actions, will be able to extend the choice of many different ways.

To exit this extended mode, simply press the Esc key in the upper left corner of the keyboard.

2. How to select different contents on demand

When F8 is pressed to enter the extended selection mode, just press F8 again where the cursor is located to select the word where the cursor is located (Figure 1). If you press F8 twice more in a row, the sentence where the cursor is located can be selected (Figure 2). If you press F8 three times in a row, the paragraph where the cursor is located can be selected. If you press F8 four times in a row, you can select the full text of the document where the cursor is located.



Shift key and F8 with, can complete the reverse process of selection. For example, if a total of five times has been pressed F8 key to select the full text, if you then press Shift + F8 is changed to select the current cursor paragraph (equivalent to the effect of pressing F8 four times in a row), if you continue to press Shift + F8 is changed to select the current statement, continue to press Shift + F8 again is changed to select the current word.

Second, the extended use of the F8 key

1. F8 and characters jointly to select

When the cursor is located in a location in the document, press the F8 key to enter the extended mode. Now, quickly press another character to expand the text selection to the first matching location. Pressing the character multiple times expands the selection to subsequent matching characters. For example, after we press F8 at the beginning of the text, we can press F three times in a row to select the text between the first, second, and third character F in sequence (Figure 3).


2. the mouse also has a similar F8 magic operation

This use of F8 can also be extended to the mouse, mouse selection also has some tips similar to F8, for example: double-click the mouse in the paragraph to select a word where the cursor is located, three mouse clicks to select the entire paragraph.


With the mouse to extend the choice is different, Word F8 extended selection function in the F8 key interval is not limited, do not need to press the F8 within a limited period of time in a row. for example, when we enter the F8 extended mode, press F8 twice, even if you wait for 5 seconds, then press F8, will still be able to select the entire paragraph. And the mouse double-click or triple-click will not be so slowly waiting for you.

3. key mouse combination to achieve the magic of fast selection

F8 extended mode combined with the mouse click, you can achieve a more magical fast selection. Enter F8 extended mode and click anywhere, you can highlight anything between the initial cursor position and mouse selection. This is similar to making a selection with the mouse after pressing the Shift key, except that Shift needs to be held down until the operation ends, while F8 does not.

In addition, if you want to select the text block, you can press Ctrl+Shift and then F8 to start the block selection mode, and then you can use the mouse to drag to select the current cursor to any location of the text block (Figure 4).

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