The name of the motherboard is too complicated to see these points on the second to understand

Nowadays, motherboard manufacturers pay special attention to personalization and market segmentation, and want to give everyone the most suitable motherboard, so the motherboard model number to burst, the name is also particularly long, dizzy to see people also can not read. In fact, although these names are a long list, but with a very good understanding of the “key words”, just scan the key words, it is prepared for who, what are the characteristics of the size of a class of information will be able to know it immediately. Let’s take the three major motherboard manufacturers as an example today and talk about this matter of motherboard models.


First of all, ASUS, of course, its highest end is the ROG Gamer Nation series, the lower end – do not be surprised, is the name seems to be more powerful ROG STRIX, this must be remembered. pro series is the ROG series to remove personalized features of the plain version of the product, mainly for the pursuit of stability and scalability The Pro series is a plain version of the ROG series with personalized features removed, mainly for designer pals looking for stability and expandability.


In the mainstream products are mainly TUF GAMING gaming agent and the main focus on stable and durable PRIME master, this point is easy to confuse, after all, “master” sounds more powerful than “agent” seems to be a little, now better understand, because TUF mostly add the suffix GAMING, that adds a lot of game configuration, such as lighting, high-speed network card, high-end sound card, and so on, of course, the price, positioning is also a little higher.


GIGABYTE motherboards in the general direction is very good to distinguish, AORUS is a gaming, high-end motherboard, from high to low is XTREME-MASTER-ULTRA-PRO-ELITE. still a little confusing? Then the guys know a few game scores, screen settings in the common words on the good, such as XTREME the strongest, ULTRA is stronger, PRO, ELITE is the entry.


The name without AORUS is GIGABYTE mainstream motherboard, which is slightly high-end is GAMING, from the name you can see it with a game optimized configuration, more basic is the UD series, there are no features, good enough. GIGABYTE also has a design-oriented product DESIGNARE, the same is the simplicity of high-end motherboards, even if there is a little light effect is also practical, never enthusiast-level and gaming-class motherboard kind of “dazzling” light.


MSI’s current motherboards are mainly MEG, MPG, MAG and PRO series, looking simpler, but the first three names are too much like it. In fact, the difference is in the meaning of the middle letters, E, P, A, respectively, on behalf of Enthusiast enthusiasts, the most functional; Performance performance, the main focus on high-performance applications, such as games; Arsenal arsenal, including the MORTAR mortar and TOMAHAWK Tomahawk class of motherboards, is the most mainstream products.


The name of these, P in the computer is the most common, it is very good to remember. e full name is more remote, I am taking it as a computer in the common Extreme (extreme), or common life Expensive (expensive) to remember. a well, like soccer partners can remember, or as long as you know A is the first letter of the entry, of course, on behalf of the entry is good. As for the PRO series, it is mainly designed for corporate users, and expensive features and less, general partners do not need to pay attention to.


Finally, almost all motherboard manufacturers have some common naming rules, such as the name of the chipset followed by M or I, generally MATX or ITX small board, the model has a separate “I” is also ITX small board. The front model name is the same, the suffix with WiFi indicates support for wireless networks, with Plus or Pro indicates a little higher price positioning.


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