The new version of Win10 AMD big tonic pills how much performance improvement

When AMD’s new generation of Raron was released, there was news that probably wasn’t noticed by many people, and that was that the new version of Win10 was going to be optimized for Raron. Why is Microsoft suddenly so good to AMD, and what benefits will it bring to the partners with Raron? Let’s take a look at it today.


In fact, this optimization is more like a Debug or a patch. This is because the sharp dragon processor cores into groups (CCX), Win10 so long is not “recognize” this design, so multi-threaded applications always try to balance the use of different groups of cores between. That is, the use of a group A core, the next computing needs to try to use a group B core, but the communication between the cores of different groups is more delayed, with not smooth, will affect the overall performance.


From the test results, this improvement to multi-core performance is very obvious, while there is no significant improvement to single-core performance, which also shows that Win10’s previous support problems for Rex, which does appear to use multiple cores at the same time. This patch not only improves the performance of multi-core operation, but also indirectly improves the efficiency of multi-core relative to single-core.

Compared to the first and second generation of Rex’s single-chip design, the third generation of Rex to the I/O control module independent, and each processor module is not directly connected to the channel, so the communication between different modules more trouble, but also more sensitive to the improvements of this Win10, so the performance improvement is higher and more obvious, to reach the official claim of 6% should not be a problem.



After several months of polishing, Win10 1903 has also become more and more mature, not yet upgraded partners, if you are using the Rex processor, or ready to start a new third-generation Rex, then do not hesitate to boot upgrade it.


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