The old platform upgrade three generations of sharp dragon these few things ready?

Three generations of Raron finally officially released, the site show the performance and subsequent actual price are really moving, especially to support the old motherboard, so that is using the B450 and X470 motherboard partners also have the confidence to upgrade directly. But to play the ability of the new sharp dragon, there are several configurations is very important, you can first check whether their old platform already has.


● High frequency memory

The Raptor is a relatively memory-eating processor, and is very sensitive to frequency, and the standard memory of the Raptor 5/7/9 was upgraded to DDR4 3200. If you’re using the earlier DDR4 2XXX upgrade, you should take advantage of the good price of memory to change two of them.


● New BIOS

As long as the basic compliance with AMD’s guidance specifications, then the B450 and X470 motherboards should not be a problem to support the new Rex, but must be upgraded to a new BIOS. and the new BIOS had better support PCIe 4.0, not to upgrade the graphics card, but has long been running full PCIe 3.0 × 4 speed SSD has been very eagerly waiting for, 64Gbps SSD, think It is cool to say.


● It’s not easy to get on Rex 9

Finally, if you want to get on Riptide 9 in one step, you also have to pay attention to the instructions on the motherboard in the latest BIOS or on the updated product introduction page. Because the 12-core/24-thread plus 70MB cache specification substantially exceeds that of previous high-end Raron processors, not all motherboards are prepared for such configurations such as interfaces and power supply units.


So, look at the three generations of Rex partners, while saving money while the motherboard BIOS brush up. As for the still using 300 chipset partners also do not worry, if you follow the previous rumors of the dollar offer x 8, x 10 retail price to prepare the upgrade funds, then hurry to look at the latest retail guide price of the third generation of Rex, will not find …… in fact, the money to change the motherboard can already be saved out.



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