Software recommendation: the original backup restore driver

If you have just purchased a computer and you want to back up the drivers installed on your system so that you can restore them in case of special situations in the future, it is recommended to use a small software called Double Driver, which allows you to backup and restore drivers very easily.

First of all, run Double Driver. note that the way you run it will affect the scope of the driver backup. If you run the software in normal standard user mode, you will be able to backup and restore only the drivers of the currently running system, while if you run it in administrator mode, you will be able to backup not only the drivers of the current system, but also the drivers of the Windows system installed on all media connected to the current system (Figure 1).


Take the example of backing up the system driver in administrator mode. First, click Backup in the Double Driver menu bar, then you will see two buttons Scan Current System and Scan Other System at the bottom of the window, where the former can scan the currently running system drivers, while the latter can select the system drivers installed in other partitions to scan. Click Scan Current System here to scan the current system drivers, and then a list of drivers for all devices installed in the current system will appear in the window (Figure 2).


Select the item to be backed up in the Drivers list and click the Backup Now button to back up the selected driver. Specify the folder used to backup the driver in the Destination text box, and select the type of driver file backup in the Output options list. The first one is the default, which is a backup of the selected driver in the form of a folder structure; the second one is a zip archive, which is a compressed backup of the selected driver; the third one generates a single EXE self-extracting file, which can be run directly when restoring (Figure 3).


Tip: If you want to get the current list of drivers in the system, you can click the Save button in the menu bar of the driver list window to save the driver list as a TXT file; or you can also directly press the Print button to print out the current driver list through the printer.


Finally, you can copy the installation directory of Double Driver software together with the backup driver file package to the flash drive for safekeeping. If you reinstall the system and want to restore the device driver, just run the software on the flash drive, click the Restore button and select the previously backed up driver file, click the Restore Now button to restore the driver (Figure 4).

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