The QAT in Microsoft Word 2019

To the left of the title bar, you will find the QAT. This toolbarcontains, by default, the save, undo, and redo icons. You can easily addfrequently used icons to the QAT by clicking on the small arrow iconthat is always present at the rightmost end of the QAT, as shown:

ms office 825
Icons that already display a checkmark next to them indicate that theicon is already an option on the QAT. You simply have to click on thename of the shortcut that you want to add to the QAT.

You can select the More Commands…option, which opens a dialog box that allows you to search for anyadditional icons from the comprehensive list of Office 2019commands. The ShowBelow the Ribbon option is used to change thelocation of the QAT to display it below the ribbon (just above the rulerbar).

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