The Raptor temporarily do not rise Win11?

Win11 officially pushed until now, the most negative news is AMD Raron platform, which is not surprising, the desktop version of Raron using the architecture of more or less maverick, CCD (core “cluster”) separate from each other, I/O module independent design has already appeared before the efficiency problems. However, is Rex really not suitable for Win11? The following test can probably surprise many partners oh.


Win11 plays poorly on the Raron platform mainly because of Win11’s more balanced thread load distribution. As mentioned in the previous push, for more cores, the use of two CCD high-end Rex, the average distribution of the load may be assigned to the relevant threads in a different CCD, with each other with the need to use external independent I/O modules, very inefficient. Also recently found that Win11 also does not identify and effectively use the best cores in each CCD, and the average distribution of threads also causes a lack of performance play.


Since the problem basically comes from the multi-core cluster, independent I/O module design, then there is no better integration, the core, I/O module together with the sharp dragon? In fact, there is, for example, now cost-effective, very popular Rex notebooks, Rex mobile version of the use of the more “traditional” architecture. By the way, the desktop version of the Rex 5000G design is also closer to the mobile version.


For these sharp dragon, Win11 thread mobilization when the problem of possible cross-CCD call does not exist, not to mention the difference between the so-called best core in the CCD, how exactly does it perform? Let’s test it with a very popular laptop, the specific configuration is Rex 7 5800H, RTX 3070 graphics card and 16GB RAM.


From the test results, most of the items in the Win11 system is actually leading, the only significant lag is more oriented to theoretical performance Geekbench 5, other differences are not much, more in the game related 3DMark CPU Profile 8 thread test advantage is very large. The conclusion of course also came out, for the chip integration of high sharp dragon, upgrade Win11 is really not a big problem, like to taste the small partners can get up oh.


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