The report design, controls, and output in Microsoft Access 2019

In this section, we will introduce you to the different Report View modes and you will create areport based on a table or query and learn how to calculate records in areport and format values. In addition, you will master the creationof report headers and footers, as well as grouping and sorting. You willalso learn how to apply report formatting using the Format tab options and, finally, you willlearn how to add controls to a report and look at the report output.

A report is used to present information in a neat and organizedformat, which is then normally printed out. If youhave successfully created a form, youwill also be able to create a report as the process is the same. Reportscan also be previewed in different formats, such as labels, invoices,lists, and form letters. You can create a report on a table or aquery.

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