The same level of graphics card default frequency different play up how much difference?

To say that the same level, the same price point graphics card how to choose, my experience is that if you look at the comments did not find any major flaws, then the higher the default frequency the better! That said, even the so-called overclocked version of the graphics card’s default frequency is not much higher than the public version, when playing the game will really help? Let’s take a look today to actually measure it.


Now the mainstream frequency of graphics cards are actually similar, the main difference is the difference in the size of the pipeline and other modules, we selected the public version and the frequency of the comparison card is very typical, the frequency difference between the two cards about 100MHz, which is basically the largest frequency gap that can be seen in the same price point graphics card. In the test we try to choose a high image quality to reduce the impact of the processor.


Somewhat surprisingly, the difference between the two graphics cards in many tests is even greater than the frequency gap, knowing that an average difference of 10% is almost equivalent to switching to a higher grade processor, or perhaps even a higher grade graphics card.


So, in addition to the game, what else can these high frequency graphics cards “play”? In fact, with the suppression of high frequency power supply, cooling configuration, they play overclocking is usually no ambiguity. Since it has been more than 100MHz, it will try to exceed 100MHz again.


In fact, without adjusting other parameters and without turning on the voltage regulation function, another 100MHz overclock is not a big problem. So, after another overclock, what level of performance has it reached?


Because the relative change in frequency is a little smaller, so the performance increase is also less, the performance increase is the same as the frequency increase, at this time the performance has been generally improved by 15% to 20% than the public version of the graphics card, in the game frame rate increase is almost already the level of the naked eye can see.

However, if you want to overclock further up you must adjust the voltage, power consumption, maximum temperature and other parameters, but for safety’s sake, let’s play it up to here.


In addition to active overclocking, many overclocked version of the graphics card itself also provides an overclocking mode, game mode, a class of “official” overclocking options, will generally improve the frequency of about 50MHz, although a little less “hard”, but certainly enough “stable”, do not want to risk themselves or lazy little debugging partners can use directly, the effect is also quite good to say.


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