Software recommendations: the same platform to choose a different transfer method

Usually when we surf the Internet, we often have to share some files to other friends, usually through the cloud service platform to achieve. Today I introduce you Worksphere transfer service, which provides two different ways of sharing, so that we can easily choose according to our actual needs.

One link to share all files

Nowadays, the most common way to share files is through the way of net storage. But in the past, when we shared files in this way, we first needed to upload the files to the cloud service space, and then get the sharing link to share them. If users want to share more than one file, they have to repeat the same operation several times, but today this cloud service has changed this situation completely.

First open the link through your browser and the service will automatically assign a file sharing link to the user. Now we send this sharing link to the user who wants to share the file and ask them to open this link with their browser as well, so we build a bridge between ourselves and our contributors.

Tip: The size of the file uploaded by this cloud service cannot exceed 5M, and the sharing link is only valid for 20 minutes, when the time is up the sharing link and the files shared in it will be deleted by the cloud service.

Next, click the “Choose files” button on the web page and select the files to be shared in the pop-up dialog box. Then you can see them in the list of windows and click the “Remove” button to remove them if you have selected them incorrectly. If there is no problem with the shared files, click the “Upload” button to upload them, and they will be uploaded to the storage space of the cloud service (Figure 1).


Once the file is uploaded, the other user can see the shared file in the web list synchronously, and then click the file name link to complete the file download operation (Figure 2).


Over the limit to P2P transfer

In addition to file sharing by means of net storage, another way is to use P2P technology for online transmission. If the size of the file to be shared exceeds 5M, then the operation can be done in this way. Since the cloud service uses Google Chrome’s FileSystem API technology, the only way to perform P2P transfer is to use Google Chrome or a browser with Google’s kernel, such as the domestic 360 Extreme Browser, QQ Browser, Baidu Browser, etc. can meet such conditions.

Next, we can see that the “Select a peer to send file” in the bottom left corner of the web page includes several groups of irregular numbers, and each string of numbers represents a user ID (Figure 3).


We just need to know the ID of the other party and select it here, then click on the “Choose files” button in the bottom left corner of the web page. Then click the “Upload” button to make the file in the transfer state, and then the other party just needs to click the file name link in the web list to receive and download the file to the hard disk.

Tip: The cloud service is open source (, so users can build a similar cloud service on their own server if they have one.

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