The small things on the computer desk to make you “used can not go back”

The phrase “used can’t go back” is now a common praise for the excellent design and function of the product, in fact, in our computer desk, there are also small things worth saying so, and there are quite a few of them. During this mid-year promotion is not ready to save and upgrade partners, why not take advantage of the promotional discounts to buy a few small, inexpensive items to care for themselves, the experience may be more obvious than the upgrade Oh.


This can be adjusted at any time 3-dimensional display, the use of different sizes, directional display partners is absolutely a godsend, feel that the dual-screen screen is always wrong? It does not matter, now the bottom alignment, central alignment, top alignment, are just a matter of reaching out. In addition to the small space is not convenient to put the monitor partners, or at the same time use multiple laptops, tablets partners are also quite practical.



The chassis this big guy, sometimes we must give it a little adjustment of direction, such as connecting a USB cable is a common thing. Did you feel tired and inconvenient, in fact, just buy a few dozen dollars of roller chassis bracket will solve. The bottom universal wheel so that the chassis want to turn how to turn, put on the ground more away from the dust on the floor, mopping is not worried about the water thrown to the chassis.


If you feel that the bottom of your laptop is hot in the summer, you will need a laptop tray. There are many kinds of laptop brackets, the bottom is just hot, not affecting normal use, buy a padded bracket, leaving more space at the bottom of the cooling is good; if you feel slow or even blue screen from time to time, then you have to consider the base with cooling fan.


Finally, take a look at the desktop conspicuous and unsightly, often attracting the mother or GF complaints is what? The crisscrossing cables really look dirty and messy, no wonder they are always disliked. How to deal with to neatly and eye-catching it? It may be worth trying colored straps and fasteners, these small things are often used to organize the case within the connection, in fact, used on the desktop effect is also good.



There are many desktop gadgets that can enhance the computer experience, such as the familiar USB Hub, “borrowed” from the chassis to hang the headset graphics card holder, etc., are not expensive, but to the use of the experience of a lot of extra points. According to the need to choose a selection, and then open your brain to play, absolutely will not regret.


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