Office hacks: the tricky circle to make radar-style note-taking chart

Previously, we often see the note chart is generally a timeline style. In fact, if the chart is made into a circular radar style, not only will the data be more clearly expressed, it will take up less space and have a more chic style (Figure 1). Next, let’s see how to make such a chart.


1. Draw a circle chart

First, add the auxiliary data needed to draw the circle chart. As the size of each series of the plotted circle chart is the same, so the series value of the circle chart can be set to “1”. In column D, enter the label value of the circle chart, that is, 1-12 months, and in column E, enter the series value corresponding to each month of the circle chart, that is, “1”. Next, select the D2:E13 data area, switch to the “Insert” tab, insert the circle chart (Figure 2). 2.


2. Set up the circle chart

Right-click on the inserted circle chart, select “Set data series format”, set “Circle size” in “Series options” to ” 50%”; delete the legend; right-click the chart, select “Add data labels”, right-click the data labels in the chart, select “Set data label format”, in the “Label options In the “Label Options” at the “Label Include”, check the “Value in Cell”, click “↑” in the pop-up window, and then select the data table in the D2: D13 cell area, the “value”, “Show guide line” at the check box to remove; respectively, select the odd-numbered month series in the circle chart, in the “Fill and Line” tab, set its fill color to “Fill”. Set its fill color to “Green, Personality 6”, then separately select the series of even months and set its fill color to “Green, Personality 6, Light 40%” (of course, these colors can be set according to your needs); select the entire chart series and set its line color to “Green, Personality 6, Light 40%”. Set its line color to “gray”; then set the data label text size, color, etc. to the appropriate settings (Figure 3).


3. Set the label rotation angle

At this time, the angle of the circle chart labels are all the same, which does not look too beautiful, so you need to set them separately. Selected “January” data label, in the “Set Data Label Format → Text Options → Text Box” tab, “Custom Angle” is set to 15 degrees. “February” label custom angle of 45 degrees, “March” label custom angle of 75 degrees, and other labels custom angle and so on. In this way, the circle diagram looks more beautiful (Figure 4).


4. Draw radar chart

The circle chart is 360 degrees, divided into 12 equal parts, each part is 30 degrees, and the original data is at most 5 people per month, that is, each person is divided into 6 degrees, so the data needed for the radar chart is 360/6 = 60 data, according to this can be constructed to draw the data needed for the radar chart. Take “January” as an example, there are 3 people in January, so enter “1” in I3, I4 and I5 respectively, there are 2 people in February, so enter “1” in I8 and I9 respectively, and so on. “, and so on; select I2:I61, copy, select the circle chart, paste; right-click the inserted circle chart in the chart, select “change series chart type”, in the pop-up window of “series 2”, select “Radar chart with data tags” (Figure 5).


Select the labels, axes and grid lines of the radar chart respectively, and delete them; select the radar chart, and in the “Set Data Series Format→Fill & Line→Line” tab, select “No Line” for “Line “; in the “Marker” tab, under “Marker Options”, select “Built-in”, set the size to “10 “, the fill color is set as needed (Figure 6). 5.


5. Set radar chart labels

Adding labels to the radar chart also requires auxiliary data. In the corresponding cell of column K and I, enter the name of the original data as the label of the radar chart, you can copy and paste to achieve. Right-click the radar chart, select “Add Data Label”, select the data label of the radar chart, select “Set Data Label Format”, in the “Label Options” of “Label Include”, check the “value in the cell”, in the pop-up window click “↑” after selecting the data table K2:K61 cell area, the “Value”, “Show guide line” at the check box removed; selected the first data label of the radar chart, in the “Set data label format → Text Options → Text Box” tab, the “Custom Angle” at the text box by the up and down arrows to adjust the angle of other labels are similarly adjusted, this example gives the recommended angle for this case. This way, the radar chart also looks more beautiful (Figure 7).


6. Trim the chart

With the above operations, the circle radar notation chart is basically finished. Of course, it is still necessary to retouch the chart in order to make it look more beautiful. Right-click in the drawing area, select “Set Chart Area Format”, set the background color of the chart; double-click the title, set the desired title content; select the chart label, set the font size and color, etc.. In this way, a beautiful and generous radar-style chart is created (Figure 8).



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