There is no your dish Edge useful new features

The new kernel Edge browser that comes with Win10 is widely popular, and many of you should start to turn your focus to it. In addition to its basic speed, stability and compatibility, there is another point that many partners may not realize, that is, its update and expansion ability is also very good. Under the appearance of not much change, the latest Edge has actually added a lot of useful functions, maybe some of them can meet your needs.


Collection” for data collection

When collecting information on web pages, I believe that many partners and I, like me, the main way is to collect the page directly, and when you look back, you may not remember why you collected this page at all, or you only need a paragraph or a picture to collect the page, and you have to pull back and forth to find it. Often have this trouble partners, the collection function is for you to prepare, we can click the corresponding button in the upper right corner to enter this function.


After that we can change the name of the collection, and then the easiest thing is to “add current page”, which is similar to favorites. In fact, we can also select text, pictures, etc. in the page, and then right-click to see the collection function, and you can also choose which collection to save to. In fact, the official suggestion is to directly drag these paragraphs and pictures to the collection page, but I test it and feel it is not as good as right click.


●Concerned about security Reject tracking and password leakage

Nowadays, the reason why advertising is getting more and more intelligent and precise is that some websites use “trackers” to check our “footprints” on the Internet. If you hate this kind of behavior, you can open your settings, select “Privacy, Search and Services” on the left, make sure to open the tracking protection on the right, and select “Balance” at least. If some sites can’t block tracking for some reason, you can also click on the “exceptions” option below.


Password leakage is a more troublesome thing, and now Edge can also check itself directly. In the settings interface, select “Profile” on the left, and “Password” on the right. Pull down the page on the right, find “Show alert when password is found in a password leak”, and click the toggle to turn on the function.



If you want to confirm immediately, click on the “>” link after the prompt below the switch toggle and select “Scan Now” when you enter the page. You can wait for the details on this page or leave the page, and you will be prompted if there is a problem.



In addition, it is worth trying to press F9 directly to enter immersion mode, vertical tabs, tab hibernation and other features, which have already appeared in the previous version and have been improved in the new version. For specific usage, please refer to the previous tweet “Super useful features are online, feel the new features of Edge”, so I won’t repeat them here.



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