System hacks: This “drawing” is not simple

Windows 10 comes with “Paint” software is not so simple anymore. The latest version of Draw not only continues all the previous features, but also adds many useful features such as keying, 3D drawing and so on. Next, let’s experience the specific use of “Paint” in these areas.

First of all, let’s take a look at the use of “Paint” for keying. Open “Draw” in Windows 10 Accessories, click “Open Draw 3D” in the “Draw” window, and in the “Welcome to Use In the “Welcome” screen, click “Open”, select the image file you want to key (or right-click the image file you want to key and select “Edit with Paint 3D”), and click “Magic Selection” in the window. Click on “Magic Selection” in the window, then 8 dots will appear around the picture, we can drag these dots to circle the object to be keyed out (Figure 1).


Click the “Next” button on the right, you can see that the keyed image has been automatically selected. However, there is still some unwanted content in the automatically selected picture, so you can click the “Delete” button, and then hold down the left mouse button to cross out the unwanted parts of the selected picture, leaving only the necessary parts (Figure 2).


Tip: If the desired part is automatically selected and deleted, you can click “Add” and hold down the left mouse button in the picture to cross out the desired part.

Click “Done”, so that the keyed image is selected. Click “Select All”, the remaining part of the original picture after keying will be selected, click the “Delete” button at the editor, the part of the picture that was keyed out independently, and basically finished keying (Figure 3).


In addition to the keying function, the new “Paint” can also draw 2D or 3D images by using various templates. Here is an example of drawing a 3D “man”. Open “Draw 3D”, create a new project, click “3D Shape” in the upper toolbar, and select “Man” from the various templates on the right side, and draw a 3D man model in the drawing board by dragging the mouse Left-click to draw the 3D character model, and adjust it to get the ideal angle and size. Click “Stickers” in the upper toolbar, select the stickers you need in the sticker panel, such as eyes, mouth and other organs, draw them in the drawing board, adjust the size, drag and drop them to the corresponding position of the character model. You can also add a “hair” sticker to the top of the head by rotating it in 3D to make it more realistic (Figure 4). Once the file is edited, save it and export it to 3D file format or 2D flat state.


Tip: The “Draw 3D” function embedded in “Draw” is used by calling the “Draw 3D” application. The “Paint 3D” application can also be used independently.

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