This i5 is still for sale How about choosing it for entry?

Core i3 is the entry game “artifact”, this point does not seem to be controversial, but now there is an i5 processor and i3 price, which is i5-7400. it is in the e-commerce platform price than i3-8100 expensive, and i3-8350K exactly the same, but how to say is also i5 processor, use it to save the entry The i3-8350K is the same as the i3-8350K. The actual test is to say this thing today.


First of all, the parameters, the eighth generation Core i3 specifications are actually really close to the seventh generation i5, are quad-core quad-threaded, i3-8100 base frequency is even a little higher than the i5-7400 RWD, so it already looks a little bad, right? Then try it with a few games (with GTX 1060 graphics card, i5-7400 on the left, i3-8100 on the right).


108FPS vs 120 FPS,i3-8100帧速高11%



104FPS vs 123FPS,i3-8100帧速高18%



108FPS vs 118FPS,i3-8100帧速高9%



118FPS vs 137FPS,i3-8100帧速高16%


Looking at the frame rate, the i3-8100 wins all four games without a doubt. The only advantage of the i5-7400 is the temperature. In addition, from the GPU load of the first two games, the i3-8100 has no problem “feeding” a mainstream graphics card like the GTX 1060, and as for the temperature, it’s a little higher than the i5-7400, but it’s only a few degrees Celsius difference, so it won’t be a problem.


Another major difference between the two CPU platforms – the motherboard, i5-7400 can only choose 2XX chipset motherboard, they can not support the eighth and ninth generation Core, there is no future upgrade space. The i3-8100 uses a 3XX chipset motherboard that basically supports the latest ninth-generation Core CPUs very well, and later upgrades to i7-9700 or even i9 processors are no problem.


I do not know why Intel is still selling this processor, but because the seventh generation and the eighth generation how to listen to are very close, plus there are new packaging of new goods, so it is easier for the partners to be i5 > i3 such a statement deception, it is said to have become a DIY new hands when the “disaster area”. The i5 is the most popular choice in the world, and it’s the most popular choice in the world.


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