Fixed: Calculating The Time Required to Copy the Files

Everybody is inquisitive to know the time it takes to copy the files, especially when the file size is larger. Though it is as simple as taking a stroll in the park, at times it is difficult. Sometimes, the users must unplug the media or restart the system. Many can’t calculate the time it takes to copy the time. This article will explain to you the reasons for the slowdown of the calculation process and the appropriate steps you must take to copy the files at a brisk pace. This helps you to calculate the time it takes to copy the file with a breeze.

Reasons for the Error “Calculating the Time Required To Copy the Files”

Check Storage for Errors: The main reason for the error that is faced by many people while copying the file is due to storage issues. If you are copying the files from the external Hard disk drive or the USB drive that is corrupted or damaged, it takes a lot of time for one to calculate the time it takes to copy the files.

MTP mode: If you want to try moving the files that are stored on your mobile, then do not enable the MTP mode on the mobile and use only the mass storage. Even when you are copying mass files to the phone, you must not enable MTP mode. This will slow down the process when compared to the OTG adapter or Mass storage mode.

Third-party anti-virus: The windows operating system will not support third-party anti-virus solutions. This would also be one of the reasons for not being able to copy the files successfully to another system.

Be Patient — Try Copying in Chunks

The slow down process of calculating the time it takes to copy the files can be resolved by copying the files in chunks rather than copying the whole set of files that are larger at one go. When you copy the extra-large files, these would be in different formats. Moreover, the write and read speed would differ, and the system may take a lot of time for copying.

You do not copy the whole 100 GB file or the raw data directly. You must divide the 100 GB files into ten chunks. This will reduce the time it takes to copy the files.

In case if the problem is persisting, then you can try out the next solution. Hopefully, this should resolve the issue.

Check the Drive for Errors

Sometimes, the corrupted hard drives or USB drives in which the files are stored would cause take a toll on copying the files. You must thoroughly inspect the hard drive either by calling the technician or the system administrator. If you find any signs of HDD failure, it is better to backup the data

You can check the drive errors by following this procedure:

Step 1 — Click the Windows button and type “cmd”. You must right-click to open the “Command Prompt” window as an administrator.

Step 2 — Type the command — chkdsk c: /r. Press Enter key


Note: Replace the letter C to the system partition that you have.

Step 3 — Restart the system once scanning is done.

Despite trying the above two methods to resolve the issue, if it still exists, then you must try out the next solution that can work wonders.

Disabling Antivirus — Try This Solution!

Using the third-party anti-virus software in the system would slow down the process of copying the files. The third-party anti-virus won’t perform well on Windows operating systems. So, it is best to disable the anti-virus software on the system until you copy the files to the target device.

Even after trying out this solution, you are facing the same kind of issue, and you must try the next solution that may give you respite from this problem.

Opting For OTG Adapter or Mass Storage Mode — Try This If the Error Occurs While Copying Files from Android to PC

It is the best solution one can embrace when copying the mass storage of files from Android to your personal computer. When you try to copy the files using the USB drive in the MTP mode, it would be pretty slow and mostly like the speed of a snail. You can avoid this by using an OTP adapter or mass storage mode. This allows you to copy the files at a jet speed and avoid the problems that you encounter due to the slow down of the process of copying files.

If this solution fails, try the next one.

Using Third-Party Applications

This solution would help you by improving the speed at which you can copy the files are using third-party file transfer tools. These are simple and free to handle.


It is the multi-tread copying tool that is best in design and offers easy to use interface even for non-technical savvy. It works on Windows. If you want speed, then this is an apt one. You can run this without installation.


Copy Handler

It is the fastest program to copy the files. However, this could not verify the data.

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It is the best yet reliable tool that allows you to copy the files at a brisk pace. You can access more features by using its premium version. It allows you to carry local transfers briskly. You can integrate this with the Explorer.



Though the interface is not great it is the best way to copy files and it gets your job done at a jet speed. You can write and read the files at the same time. The network performance is also great.


RichCopy 4

It is the best tool for copying the files over the network. It can pause and resume the copying function. Even if there is a network connectivity issue, you can resume the process from the file where it stopped.

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No Solution Worked? — Try These Bonus Tips!

When the above five solutions failed to improve the speed at which you can copy the files, then the last-ditch solution that is available for you to copy the files at a brisk pace is by following these steps. You do not have to buy any third-party tool or should have extensive knowledge of the system to do this.

Anyone with basic computer knowledge can perform this operation.

  1. Restart the system
  2. Scan the computer for errors and viruses
  3. Thoroughly check the USB drive or the mobile that you have connected to the system for any virus or malware, which could result in a slow down of the process.

4. Re-install the windows

Why Does My Computer Take So Long To Copy Large Files?

The computer may take ages to copy large files due to the HDD issue or installation of third-party anti-virus software on the system. Besides, the auto-tuning feature, when enabled on the system, would also result in the drop in system performance in copying large files. Sometimes, the USB ports act cranky. If one is not working, you can use another one. The failure of the USB drive is another reason for the files taking a long time to copy to the target.

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