Software recommendations: to achieve one-stop PDF all-round processing

PDF is the most common electronic document format that we all come across. However, in reading, editing and processing PDF, we often need to solve through different software. To solve the different needs of the same document, it is obvious that it is more troublesome to install different software. If you use ApowerPDF solution, you can solve all the problems of PDF in one stop through online service or client software.

1. Online way to deal with PDF documents

First of all, visit the ApowerPDF service page Click the “Start Online” button to show that it is starting, and then prompted to download the starter (Figure 1), you need to download a starter plug-in for the browser, so that through the The plug-in can access the PDF processing function.


After the plug-in is installed, click the “Start Online” button in the page, it will start the ApowerPDF processing window. If the pop-up interface is in English, switch the interface to Chinese by “View→Language→Simplified Chinese” (Figure 2).


Tip: If you use it without registering and logging in, ads or watermarks will appear. You can register and sign in through the “Login & Register” button. If you don’t want to register or log in, click the “Trial” button to enter directly.

In the ApowerPDF processing window, directly click “New” button and select “Blank File” to create a new blank PDF file; then click “Edit” button to open the editing tools panel. button to open the editing tools panel to add and edit PDF content; through the “Page” button, you can insert pages or delete, extract, replace, crop, rotate and other operations on the page. In addition, through the “Convert”, “Protect”, “Signature”, “Comments” and other functional buttons, you can also PDF and picture format conversion, PDF content protection, PDF signatures and comments and other operations (Figure 3).


2. Desktop version of the basic processing of PDF

In addition to editing PDF online using the launcher, we can also complete the processing of PDF through a separate PC version. In the ApowerPDF online service page, click the “Download Desktop Edition” button to download and install the ApowerPDF client software. The offline client and online service page window are the same.

Click “Edit PDF” in the middle of the window or the menu command “New → From Folder” to edit the content on the basis of existing PDF or other documents. After the content will be automatically pop-up editing tools panel, and then you can use other office software as well, add graphics or set the layout format (Figure 4).


We do not only need to edit the content on a single page, the relationship between the handling of the page is also a major task of PDF editing. For example, insert pages in the PDF document, or extract some pages as a file to save, replace some of the pages, rotate or crop some pages, or simply split the PDF file into multiple files according to certain rules, etc. These needs can be met by clicking the “Page” button to start the page processing tools panel to complete. Click on a task, such as “extract pages”, and then set the page number to be extracted, choose whether to save the extracted pages as a single file, and finally click “OK” to (Figure 5).


To merge multiple individual PDF files into one PDF document, you can click on the software window option “Merge PDF” in the main interface, followed by a pop-up list window to add the PDF documents to be merged, adjust the order of merging, and then merge can be done.

3. Desktop version of the PDF advanced processing

In addition to the basic page editing and page relationship processing, there are often some more advanced processing needs. For example, to add notes to PDF documents, file signatures and file encryption protection, adding forms and so on.

When you need to add notes to the PDF document, in the PDF editing environment, click the “Notes” button, and then select the comment markup tool, you can enter text to add notes to the content. To sign or protect the document settings, click the “Sign” or “Protect” button, and then sign authentication and place a signature, or enter a password to protect the file (Figure 6).


If you need to design a PDF document similar to the Office document consists of a variety of basic controls to select the form, click the “Form” button in the document editing window, and then in the pop-up form panel to select the required controls, the combination of design can be (Figure 7).


4. Office format to PDF conversion

We can convert photos or various office documents on hand to PDF as needed.


Click on the software home window in the middle of the main menu “Create PDF”, and then select the picture or Word, Excel, PPT, TXT and other documents, you can convert pictures or Office documents, TXT text to PDF format files (Figure 8).

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