To buy a monitor now 2K is a good choice

To say which computer accessories “service” for the longest time, it really is the monitor, nothing quality problems, with a decade or eight years of the problem is not big. But as a window to interact with the computer, in the 2K resolution fully popularized this time node upgrade, what need to pay attention to it?


First is the price, “a penny for a penny” is the same truth since ancient times. Although some of the 2K resolution monitor has now been reduced to a reasonable price range (1000 yuan ~ 2000 yuan), but are some of the applicable field products: either the use of TN panels with high refresh rates (144Hz) of gaming monitors, or the standard IPS (60Hz) office products. The former game strong, the latter good color. In the case of a limited budget, we must make certain trade-offs and figure out what your computer is used to do?


Well, after counting the money, next it is time to measure the use of space, to see whether the 24-inch 2K monitor or 27-inch suitable for you. This time is not to say that the larger the better, the desktop width of not more than 60cm, 27-inch monitor will only let you keep “shaking head”, and too close to the viewing distance will also make 2K so-called fine resolution into X cattle “big fruit grain”. Instead of 24-inch products have a good sense of view.


As for the other use of the computer you and I understand: leisure and entertainment, strong performance of the full resolution top to the head, graphics card is slightly weak in 1080P game will not be too bad. After all, now both the video client or end game / online game, have made a certain optimization and compensation for the high split screen. Of course, these and the monitor itself is not very relevant, I want to say to you is that try to DP interface as the first choice to ensure that the screen output has sufficient bandwidth. As for HDMI, leave a line in the lazy time to open the computer to connect the phone or game console, it.


You say I broke so many theories, not even a recommendation, is not too watery point? Then let’s make a profound summary: money to buy the old and new “four vajra”, no money to choose X East sales ranking first, so OK? In fact, playing computer accessories is not as difficult or professional as many people think, as long as you follow everything from their own needs, go to the end will not be wrong.


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