To relieve wrist pain, your mechanical keyboard needs to be equipped with it

Mechanical keyboard has long fallen from the “altar”, the price is no longer high, has become a partner of many partners at hand. But after a long time playing games, typing, the wrists of the partners is not a vague soreness it? But before using the keyboard does not seem to have this problem, how is this? What should I do?


First of all, why will feel uncomfortable it. In fact, this is because the mechanical shaft length restrictions, mechanical keyboard keys are usually higher than the membrane keyboard “high” some. From the ergonomic point of view, the height of the keys higher than the wrist, long time use is easy to produce discomfort. As for the solution, in fact, many keyboards have been prepared for us, that is, the palm rest.


Buy a “traditional” design, high-end mechanical keyboard partners, try to retain the palm rest is the best choice. And choose the now popular narrow-frame keyboard, or the keyboard itself does not provide a palm rest, then choose to match the palm rest it. Now there are many palm rest products, soft and hard, length, material, design is also very diverse.


The purchase of the palm rest is very simple, as long as you pay attention to two is enough, the first is the size of the palm rest, the length needs to be consistent with the keyboard, a little longer does not hurt, while the height should be at least close to the key frame, if it is soft pad, then a little higher better, as long as it does not prevent us from clicking the next row of keys on the line. If the table has a keyboard rest, the height of the palm rest is best not lower than the keyboard rest stopper, so that it is more comfortable to use, otherwise there will be chin wrist feeling.


The next is the palm rest of the hard and soft, this according to their wrist touch habits, personal preferences to choose on the good, and the choice of hard pad material but also consider the keyboard design, ordinary plastic material versatile, metal and wood grain is more suitable for more personalized keyboard design. If there are enough funds, in fact, the winter with a soft pad is not icy hands, summer for a hard pad or even a metal pad cooler, is also a good choice.


In addition to the wrist, in fact, when using the keyboard, bad posture on the arm, shoulder and neck are also stressful, we should pay attention to the same. For example, the keyboard should not be too close to the body, so that the arms and body can be typed with a natural relaxed posture, etc.. In short, both to play painful, but also to maintain good health, is that we play computer do not forget the things Oh.


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