To use 0000 unsubscribe from text messages Hurry up and stop not recklessly

Recently, the Internet has begun to spread a method of blocking SMS harassment, which is to reply to “0000” instead of “T” or “TD” in the SMS alerts. In the reply you can see many people unsubscribe successfully, it seems to be very effective, small partners are not also want to their own cell phone nuisance text messages to start it? I have to hurry up and stop everyone here, let’s understand what it’s all about first, OK?

First of all, I have to say a thing, that is, spam text messages as far as possible not to return, many text messages in addition to advertising, but also the function of verification number. You reply to the T, TD not only does not play the role of unsubscribe, but will let the other party know that this number is active, someone is using, have you found that after replying to unsubscribe from a number, not only this number did not unsubscribe, but also came to more spam messages?


Plus reply 0000 this approach, it has not been officially advertised because it is actually direct instructions to close the SMS push port, if you need to use some of the numbers are also using this port to send information, directly close the port on the trouble, such as login software or something can not be directly verified by SMS with cell phone number.


In addition, since most of the advertising SMS use the mobile network, or not from the province, Unicom and Telecom users reply 0000 are also invalid. What do you say? Even if you do not want any SMS service, this can not block spam? Is there really no way out?


Don’t worry, in fact, as long as you spend more time and effort, safer and more effective methods than 0000 is also available, for example, we can try to Unicom, Telecom’s service number 10010, 10001 send any character, you can check the “subscribed” business, according to the subsequent instructions can be unsubscribed. You can also use SMS to report, for example, Unicom users can use the form of “reported number * spam content” to send free SMS to 10010999.


Finally, you can open the spam blocking function on your phone, or install third-party security software, which can also play a certain filtering ability for text messages. The reason why I take it as a last resort is because they are often not smart enough to block useful text messages is a common thing, we also have to develop the habit of often going through the “spam folder” to do so.


In fact, many of the troubles encountered in the portable number transfer network are also related to SMS and APP authorization services, the previously mentioned query and unsubscribe methods are also suitable for these authorization services, and the partners who want to transfer to the network may also want to give it a try.


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