Toolzl – the web version of the “Swiss Army knife” to deal with a variety of applications

We often use various functions in our daily operations, such as making emoji packs, generating QR codes, etc. If you need to install a software for every function you use, it is obviously very inconvenient. In fact, through the online tools provided by Toolzl (Figure 1,, you can use the various functions you want without installing software.


Figure 1 Toolzl main interface

Quick sharing to generate personalized QR code

For example, Apple phones need to go to App Store to download APP, and the default is to search and download after entering App Store, which is extremely inconvenient for newbies. Now we can make the App Store’s APP URL into QR code to share, so that users can directly enter the App Store to download it as long as they recognize the QR code.

Find the APP you need to share in the App Store of your Apple phone, click the Share button on the right side of the page, select “Share APP” in the pop-up window, then select QQ to share, open the shared link in QQ, and click the Copy button on the top left corner to copy the link (Figure 2).


Figure 2 Share the link

Open the above URL, switch to “Development Tools → QR Code Generation → Generate QR Code with Logo”, select the logo icon of the APP, paste the APP download address obtained above in the data text box, and click “Generate”, so that a Then a QR code for downloading Apple APP will be generated (Figure 3).

Tip: The APP download address in App Store is similar to the form of “应用名称/应用ID?mt=8”, only that the “Application Name → Application ID “Application ID code is the APP code that developers get when uploading App Store, just replace this code to get other APP download address quickly.


Figure 3 Generate QR code

Now we just need to take a screenshot of the above QR code and share it to other users via WeChat, QQ, etc. Users just need to open the QR code image and long press to select “recognize QR code”, then they can automatically jump to the App Store to download the app.

Tip: If you are a developer, you can quickly share your product by generating QR code. In fact, Toolzl website also has many built-in utilities, such as “binary conversion” (you can easily convert between binary, decimal and other binary), online running JS/HTML (directly open online window to run and preview JS code), etc. (to run and preview JS code), etc., are provided for developers (Figure 4).


Figure 4 Online running code

Web site operations and maintenance online monitoring of open ports

As a website operation and maintenance personnel, we often need to detect open ports on the server, detect dead links, website log analysis and other operations. Now Toolzl provides a lot of online maintenance tools, for example, if you need to check whether your server is open to dangerous ports, switch to “website operation and maintenance/port detection”, then directly enter the website address you need to detect, click “detect” and you can see Detailed port information can be seen (Figure 5).


Figure 5 View port information

Play with the port information as much as you want

Toolzl does not only provide tools for developers and programmers, but also has a rich set of integrated tools for everyday applications. For example, many of your friends are now fighting with each other in WeChat, and if you don’t have some funny emojis, you can’t join the battle.

Switch to the “Do whatever you want to do” generator, open it, choose a character you like, for example, you can choose a mouse, and then enter the language of the dialogue according to your needs (pay attention to the number of words and tone of voice to match the original expressions as much as possible, for example, “What are the benefits of golden rubbish? (For example, “What are the benefits of gold rubbish” can be replaced by “What are the benefits of gold rubbish”), click “Generate”, and you can see the generated emoji GIF pictures on the right page (Figure 6).


Figure 6 Generate emoji

Right-click the generated emoji and select “Copy”, then open WeChat and paste the emoji package and send it to start fighting. You can also click “Add to Emoticon” to save it for next time (Figure 7).


Figure 7 Using in WeChat

Easy to create dynamic emoticons

Of course, Toolzl’s “Video to GIF Tool” and “Custom GIF Picture” will not satisfy the needs of emoji freaks. Toolzl’s “video to GIF tool” and “custom GIF images” allow us to create more emojis for whatever we want. For example, many users are using some funny clips of movies as emoji, now prepare the video you need to intercept first, and remember the starting position of the video clip you need to intercept after playing (e.g. from 25 seconds). Then switch to “Development Tools/Video to GIF Tools”, enter “25” for the start time (i.e. intercept from 25s) and “10” for the interception time (i.e. intercept 10s length, otherwise the generated image volume is too large to send in WeChat), width and height input 200 and 100 in turn (i.e. 200 x 100 resolution). Finally, click Browse to upload the video file you need as mentioned above, so that the required emoji images will be generated automatically (Figure 8).


Figure 8 Intercepting video as emoji image

If the video you intercepted has no dialogue, or you need to add dialogue text by yourself, use the above method to create the emoji image, switch to “GIF doujinshi”, set the size you need and add the text in the opened page, and finally click “Browse”. Upload the above emoji image and recreate it (Figure 9).


Figure 9 Custom Emoji

Of course, Toolzl also has a lot of useful tools built in, so you can bookmark the above URL and open it to use it directly when you need it.

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