Total Uninstaller Review

Total Uninstaller Review

Quick Summary

The lightweight application utility is available for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. It will set you back by $39.95 for a single computer edition of the latest Total Uninstall — Professional edition.

Total Uninstall is about keeping it straightforward and without the frills. It gets the job done swiftly and has a user-interface that augments efficiency.

Pros and Cons

What I liked

● Lightweight does not hog on computer resources.

● Easy-to-use user-interface

● Comprehensive startup manager to manage boot time

What I did like

● Sometimes uninstallation leaves some residue registries

● No upfront context menu for Windows

Why Trust me

My Name is Amaan Rizwan. My rendezvous with computers dating back to 2004, when dial-up Internet was still the thing, and people used Internet explorer.

Over the last decade and a half, I have studied and analyzed several hundred softwares for tweaking Windows-based computers’ performance. Doing that on IDE based storage had a significant positive impact on the performance back in the day.

I got my hands on the Total Uninstall a couple of weeks back. Since then, the lightweight uninstaller and I have been on a rollercoaster ride, going through the nook and cranny of the app.

Pitting it against the industry leader CCleaner has been hectic. Both the apps excel in some standard features, apart from standing out on different platitudes. Read on to find what clicked and things that could have been better.


Q. What is Total Uninstall?

Total Uninstall is a third-party installer that helps you clean unwanted files and folders from your computer effortlessly.

The features that stand out are monitored programs, transfer programs(to another PC). Apart from that, there are over six other features, such as windows startup programs manager, file monitor, registry cleaner, amongst other things.

Q. Is Total Uninstall free?

A legal copy of Total Uninstall offers a 30 days free trial. Beyond that, you will need a license that starts at $39.95 for a single user — Professional version. The cheaper variant starts at $19.95, which has all the core features. What it lacks in a flash, it makes up in the utilities.

Q. How does it fare against CCleaner?

CCleaner is amongst the market leaders regarding the computer cleaning features that it has to offer.

Being a long-time user of CCleaner myself, it’s not a surprise to take it as a yardstick compared to other apps of a similar niche.

Both Total Uninstall offers the core feature of disk cleaning, with a bouquet of tools. Each of them has some extra that the other one lacks.

We miss tools such as Disk analyzer, file duplicate finder on the Total Uninstall. The former is not missed to an extent as Microsoft has started shipping. Taking a close, it makes it up with the installations monitor, which keeps tracks of changes made during the installation process.

Furthermore, a feature that allows the users to transfer installation files to a new PC. The settings and profiles stay intact with the help of this feature.

Q. Is Total Uninstall safe?

Absolutely. Unlike CCleaner and others, which come bundled with different kinds of softwares along with it.

We decided to give the installer a run for its money. With the help of VirusTotal, we performed a scan to see if there is anything out of the ordinary in the installer.

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The installer passed with flying colors, which was impressive in its merit. After that, even the Windows defender security showed nothing out of the ordinary after the installation.

Finally, the installation has a verified Microsoft publisher signature, which signifies an added layer of trust and security. In easier words, Microsoft has confirmed the developer’s identity through a Microsoft partner network account.

Q. Does Total Uninstall hog the computer’s resources?

In our testing, we decided to perform different tasks and kept a watch on the task manager. The RAM usage never surpassed 50 MB, along with 5% processor usage.
 Our configuration consisted of an i5 4440, coupled with 16 GB RAM, running Windows 10 x64 bit.

Total Uninstall: A Review of its Features and Benefits

We have set the stage by discussing its features and performing the relevant comparisons. Now let’s have a broader look at its features and how it benefits your computer.

Cleanup Tool

Cleaning up the PC is its forte and the key USP(Unique Selling Point) for this application. Head to the Cleaner section and click on the scan to initiate the scanning process.

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After the scan is complete, users get a detailed report of items that can be cleaned. You can go through each item individually before removing them.

In any case, if you don’t feel comfortable cleaning out the files, then there is always the Safe mode of scan. What it does is that all the system files are omitted from scanning. Therefore you wouldn’t need to worry about deleting the vital Windows files.

Installation Monitor

This feature stands out amongst the leading disk cleanup applications. There comes a time when you are suspicious of an application, which, for some reason, does a specific task for you. Other alternatives are not as good, so you decide to roll with it.


To avoid any malwares, viruses, or unscrupulous meaning, let installation monitor the entire installation process. It will keep an eye for any changes made by the installation file.

For post-installation monitoring, you can set it locating the installation folder as well.

To be sure of everything, it will create a system snapshot of every setting and installation. The snapshot consists of everything before the installation of the app/program in question. This way, the installation monitor creates a system restore. If anything goes haywire, there is always the restore point to fall back on.

Auto Run Manager


Starting up, Windows has a lot of moving parts behind the scenes. Several processes, services, and programs load up when you log into your Windows user account. All of them contribute to the loading time of the computer. [features-auto-run-manager-4.png]

While most of the programs are essential for the OS’s functioning, some can be done away with. Additionally, apps installed by the users can also add to their entry to the startup launch schedule.

The auto-run manager enlists all the process, programs that launch when Windows starts. Find details about them and decide if they are worth adding to the bootup time.

Transfer programs to another PC

Reinstalling Windows is amongst the most hectic tasks on an average computer user. You have the installed programs, settings, and everything else that needs to be set up again.

Total uninstall has the feature to backup and transfer programs to a new installation of Windows.

What SOLD it for Us

Ease of Use

A program has to be user-friendly and easy to use. Operation difficulties make it a hard sell to consumers — everything on the tip of your fingers with no hidden options.


Everything is laid in front of you. Total Uninstall does as promised and performs all its functions with transparency. You can even run multiple instances of cleaners to batch files, programs together.


Take advantage of the knowledgebase. Filled with all the video tutorials and articles to benefit from, without requiring Google.

When that doesn’t help, there are ways to contact customer support.

Alternatives to Total Uninstall

Total uninstall may check many of the right boxes, but sometimes it just comes off as a good match. For those of you, here are the three alternatives to that.

CCleaner — Developed by Piriform, now owned by Avast, with advanced disk analyzer for all the data fragmenting needs, apart from the cleanup utilities.

PrivaZer — Apart from the usual cleanup tools, PrivaZer offers a bunch of privacy protection features that are necessary for today’s time.

System Mechanic — With over 229 checks for diagnosing your PC, System Mechanic has a lot to offer to boost your computer’s performance.


Like any other cleanup tool, Total Uninstall is as useful as you want it to be. Your choice can depend on the extra features offered by

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