Tracking Outlook items and files in Microsoft Outlook 2019

  1. Click on the three dots at the bottom-right of the NavigationPane.
  2. Choose Folders, then locate Journal. In this view, you will see anypreviously tracked items and you will be able to create new ones:
ms office 800
  1. Click on the Home tab, then selectJournal Entry from the New group to create a new entry. Enter asubject for the journal entry. Add details about the journal entry, suchas Entry type and Start time. 
  2. Start Timer is a very useful toolto track the amount of time a task takes—for example, you might track aclient business call so that you can bill the client for your time:
ms office 55
  1. Click on Save & Close to viewthe entry in the timeline. You can change the view to display theentries in a list by clicking on the EntryList icon under the CurrentView group. To edit a journal entry, simply double-click on theentry in Timeline View or the Entry List view. Make changes to the entry,then click on the Save & Closeicon again to update it.

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