How to Transfer Chrome Passwords to New Computer

When we bought a new computer, or the old computer was damaged or broken. We may need to transfer files such as passwords in browser to the new computer. But in most situations, transferring passwords of browser is not simple. There takes the most popular browser Chrome as an instance. Chrome browser is installed in 7 out of 10 computers in the world. We have stored lots of passwords in the browser. So how can we transfer Chrome password to the new computer. In this tutorial, you can learn efficient ways to transfer passwords to new computer easily.

Solution 1. Sync passwords through the Google account

If you have a Google account and the account is always active in your browser, then all of your passwords will be saved in Google account automatically. In this way, it will be easy to transfer Chrome passwords to new computer. Just log in Chrome browser with Google account in the new computer. Then make sure the internet network connection is well. All of your passwords in Chrome will be synced automatically in a few seconds.

Solution 2. Export the passwords to local file

In chrome browser, there offers a feature to export passwords. Just go to Settings

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Then choose Passwords in the new window.

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Click three-dot button > Export passwords

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They will Pop up a window that reminds you that passwords exported will be visible to anyone.

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Click Export passwords and choose a location to save the passwords. After you have exported the passwords, you can transfer the file within passwords to the new computer. They are various ways to complete this task. You can use a flash drive, email or chat applications to take the file to your new computer.

Enable Password Import Flag

In general, there is no option to import password file. But we can enable Password Import flag to open this option in Chrome browser. In the browser address br, input Chrome://flags and enter it. In the same page, type “password import” in the search box. Then click the list box and choose Enabled .

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Then relaunch the Chrome browser.

Now, go to Settings > Passwords. You will find there shows an Import option. Click Import option and browse and choose the csv file transferred from the old computer.

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In a few seconds, you will find all Chrome passwords are transferred to the new computer successfully.

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