How to Transfer Files from One Computer to Another using Ethernet Cable

How to transfer files from PC to PC using LAN cable in Windows 10? Here is the guide that will help you to transfer the data using LAN cable. Transferring files from one computer to another using Ethernet cable is not hard if you know the right steps.

Sharing files can become a difficult task to achieve, but if you have stable networks and know-how to set up the IP address correctly, then you can achieve this task in no time. You can also use various software that can help you to transfer files in less time.

In this article, I will tell you how to transfer files from PC to PC using LAN cable in Windows 10.

Let’s get started!

Part 1. Is Ethernet cable better than WiFi for file transfer between PCs?

There is no doubt that WiFi has improved a lot, but if you want to transfer files between PCs, then Ethernet is faster than WiFi. As in this process, you don’t have to depend on your internet connection, so choosing Ethernet is the ideal choice for novice users.

Furthermore, if you want to improve latency, then Ethernet has always been on top. For example, if you are playing online games, then Ping can be reduced if you have a direct connection with the internet.

So for better performance, file sharing experience and quick speed Ethernet can be your ideal choice.

Solutions for advanced users: Transfer files from PC to PC using LAN cable in Windows 10

Here are the steps that you can follow while transferring files from one PC to another using Ethernet cable. This process can work easily in Windows 10. In order to work this process successfully, make sure you have a stable connection between the systems.

Step 1: Connect two computer with LAN cable

* First, connect both the system to a LAN cable. It doesn’t matter which computer you are using as Ethernet cable works on all the systems.

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Step 2: Enable network sharing on two computers

Once you are done with connecting the computers with LAN cable, now turn on network sharing on both the PCs. Network sharing is important to transfer the files.

Here is the guide that you can follow to enable network sharing on two PCs.

1. First, click on the Start Menu and search for the Control Panel option.

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2. Now choose Network and Internet option on the Control Panel dashboard.

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3. Now choose Network and Sharing Center option.

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4. On the left side, you will see an option Change advanced sharing settings. Click on this option.

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5. You will see three options private, Guest or public, and All Networks. Choose the All Networks option. All Network option is used for both private and public connections.

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6. Now perform some settings such as Turn on sharing option, and make sure to Turn off password protected sharing option. You can see the options in the image below. After that, click on the Save Changes option.

010420 0428 HowtoTransf17

Following these steps, you can enable network sharing on both the Pcs.

Step 3: Setup static IP address

Once you have followed step 2, now it’s time to a setup IP address on both the systems.

1. Open Control Panel and choose Network and Sharing Center option.

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2. Now click on the Ethernet option on the right side. Since the systems are connected with the LAN cable, that is why you will see the Ethernet option. After clicking a new box will appear, click on the Properties option.

010420 0428 HowtoTransf19

3. After that, select the option Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

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4. Now it’s time to set IPs on both the devices. Keep in mind that you have to set different IPs for the two devices. Here are the examples of IP address:

For Computer 1

* IP Address:

* Subnet mask:

* Default gateway:

010420 0428 HowtoTransf21

For Computer 2

* IP address:

* Subnet mask:

* Default gateway:

010420 0428 HowtoTransf22

5. Now check if you have given the right IPs to both the systems. Go to Network, and you will see two computers on the dashboard.

010420 0428 HowtoTransf23

Step 4: Transfer files between PCs

1. The first step is to create a new folder on the desktop and copy all the files you want to transfer.

010420 0428 HowtoTransf24

2. Now right-click on the folder that you are planning to share. Choose Give access to option and select the option Specific People.

010420 0428 HowtoTransf25

3. Choose the option Everyone and click on the Add button. After that, click the Share button to start the process.

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4. After the sharing process has been completed, you will see the location of the folder you have shared.

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5. You can verify the process by visiting the other PC. You can repeat the process several times to share the files using Ethernet cable in Windows 10.

For Windows 10 v1803 later computer, you can also try Nearby Sharing feature to transfer files from one computer to another without an ethernet cable.

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