How to Transfer iTunes Library and Playlist to New Computer

How to transfer the iTunes playlist to a new computer? If you are looking for an accurate solution to transfer the iTunes playlist to a new computer, then this article is the right choice for you. Moving your iTunes playlist to a new computer requires a lot of work.

Sometimes you are able to move the files successfully, and sometimes you have to create a new playlist from scratch. However, if you are one of those who want to move the whole iTunes playlist to a new computer, then we have a complete solution for you.

With the help of these methods, you can transfer all the content of iTunes without missing any file. Let’s discuss these methods in detail.

Part 1. Transfer iTunes playlist to the new computer manually

With the help of import and export functions, you can easily transfer the iTunes playlist to a new computer. It’s a simple method, and anyone can follow it. But make sure to follow the steps carefully for the correct results.

* First, open iTunes on your old computer. Now, choose the File > Library > Export Playlist option on it.

* You have to choose the right location to save your file. In case if you have a USB flash drive, then you can export the file here. Make sure your exported file format is XML.

* Now, open iTunes on a new computer. Follow the steps as mentioned below.

* First, choose the File menu, select Library option, and click on the Import Playlist to import the file.

* Choose the file that you have exported by clicking the Open option.

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