7 Fast Ways to Transfer Large Files from PC to PC

In daily life, we often need to transfer files between two computers. In most cases, the files we need to transfer are relatively small. We can transfer them directly to another computer through communication software or use our USB storage device to transfer them. Of course, we can also transfer these small files by mail.

But in some cases, we may need to transfer some large files, they may be as few as a few GBs, as many as several hundred GBs. Thus, many people will choose portable hard disk to transfer these files. But we need to buy an extra hard drive, and we will spend a lot of time during the copy process. But is there a better way to solve this problem? In fact. There are many more convenient ways for us to transfer large files between two computers. Let’s take a look at these methods together.

Part 1. Transfer large files from PC to PC using external hard drive

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If you have a ready-made portable hard disk, and its capacity is large enough, and the transmission speed is more in line with our needs, we can easily copy the file to this hard disk, and then transfer it to another on the computer.

Part 2. Transfer large files with OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud storage services

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If the network speed is fast enough, we can transfer our large files through some network hard drives or cloud services. There are many such cloud services or network hard drives, such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google drive, etc. The storage space provided by different cloud services and its fees are different, such as OneDrive, if you are a Microsoft office365 subscriber, you can use 1 TB of OneDrive space.

Dropbox is also a very popular file sharing service. The Dropbox offers great file sync experience. But for free users, you can only get 2GB of storage, and you need to upgrade to 1tb of space for $ 9.99 a month.

For Google drive, it can also help you transfer large files to another computer very conveniently. If you want to get more space, you need to spend, for example, $ 10 per month to get 2TB space.

Part 3. Transfer large files to another computer with a transfer cable

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We can directly transfer large files through data cables, which is a good method for transferring large files between two computers. There are two options here, we can buy a data cable, which may cost you $ 20 ~ 40. Another way is we can use our LAN cable directly. But with this method, we have to make some necessary settings, of course, the transmission speed of this method is also very fast. We can reach at least 10 MB per second.

Part 4. Transfer large files via professional PC data transfer

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We can complete this job through some professional large file transfer software. There are many such software, we can choose, such as PCmover and Easeus Todo PCTrans. PCmover is software officially recommended by Microsoft. It is a very powerful software that transfers files between windows7 and windows8, and windows10, and very intelligent and user friendly. With just a few simple steps, we can transfer any large file we want to transfer. In addition to transferring files, you can also transfer folders, applications, user data, program settings and other files to another computer through it. The best thing is that it provides official 24/7 assistance, so you don’t have to worry about any problems encountered during the transfer

Part 5. Transfer large files through Nearby Sharing on Windows 10

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In the latest Windows10, you will find a nearby sharing function. It is a feature added after the Windows 10 April 2018 update to replace the previous home group file sharing service. This function is even better. It uses Bluetooth to transfer files. You can easily use this nearby sharing function between two computers. However, it should be noted that its transfer speed may not be particularly fast. If you need to transfer large files to another computer in a short time, we do not recommend this method.

Part 6. Transfer large files via Email (not recommended)

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We can also transfer large files via email. However, there is a problem that most mailbox service providers provide file transfer services with limited space, and its transfer speed may be relatively slow. During the upload process, the problem of transmission interruption is easy to occur. So, for larger files, we also don’t recommend using mailboxes for delivery.

Part 7. Transfer large files using online file transfer services

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We can use online file transfer services. There are many online websites that provide online tools for file transfer. For example, Send Anywhere, you can transfer any file to another computer through the online website. This will be very convenient. You only need to open this website through a browser on two computers.

For example, send anywhere provides free users to transfer 10GB files. However, it should be noted that this file can only be kept for 48 hours, so you must download this file as soon as possible within 48 hours. Of course, if you upgrade to plus users, you can increase the limit of file transfer to 50 GB, but you need to spend $ 5.99 Every month.

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There is also a similar service site, Media Fire, which also provides 10GB of free transfer space. After upgrading to a plus account, you can have 1TB of storage space, but the limit for a single file is 20GB, and there is no annoying advertisement for the plus users.

Final words

Through the above methods, you can easily transfer large files from one computer to another, but we can choose a better method according to everyone’s situation and network conditions. For example, if your network conditions are better, we can choose to transfer through the cloud service network. If your two computers are nearby, we can transfer through the data cable, which will be faster. Of course, if your file is not so large, we can still send it to another computer via email or directly through our communication software. As for to choose which method, please try to decide according to your actual situation

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