How to Transfer Microsoft Office 2010/2013/2016/365 to New Computer

Are you planning to buy a new computer? But you are worried about how to transfer Microsoft Office to another computer? There are various methods that you can follow to transfer Microsoft Office to new computer.

Without any doubt, Microsoft Office is an ideal application that allows the user to use different office applications. With just one click you can use numerous services provided by the Microsoft Office.

By the time, Microsoft has improved a lot, whether it’s about their products or services, they have a variety of things available for its users. But the biggest issue users have to face these days is how to transfer Microsoft Office to another computer without a product key?

Undoubtedly, there are many methods to transfer Microsoft Office to a new computer, but the most effective ones are mentioned below. The best thing about these methods is that you don’t get corrupt files whenever you transfer Microsoft Office to a new computer.

Let’s discuss these methods:

Part 1. What should you do before move Microsoft Office to another computer?

Before you transfer your Microsoft Office to another computer, here are some steps that you have to follow to avoid corrupted files. The most important step is to check your Office license type. Without this step, you won’t be able to move the files correctly.

Below is the method that you can use to check your Office License.

Tip 1: Identify your Office license type

Not all the products come with the same license type, and the reason is simple because each product contains different license tags. Therefore, it is mandatory to find your product license type, so you can transfer Microsoft office to another computer.

Below are some license types that are essential for transferring your files to the new computer.

FPPFTTP also is known as Full Packaged Product is the retail version of the product.
HUPHUP also is known as the Home Use Program, is specifically is the license key given to Office employees.
PKCPKC is a Product Key Card and used for one installation for one computer.
POSAPoint of Sale Activation, also known as POSA, is a retail technology.
NFRNot for Resale can be used for a test environment or training process.

If you want to transfer your Office to another computer, then you must have specific license types such as HUP, PKC, NFR, and POSA. Without these keys, you won’t be able to transfer your files.

Here are the steps that you can follow to find your license type.

1. Press Window key to launch Window.

2. Now in the search box enter cmd.

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3. Make sure to copy the location of your Office. You can check the location from File Explorer.

4. To get to the root of the drive type cd and press Enter.

010120 1444 HowtoTransf2

5. Now type cd and enter the location/path and press Enter again.

010120 1444 HowtoTransf3

Note: This is the location/path of my device, so you have to enter the location/path according to your device.

6. In the same cmd, type cscript ospp.vbs /dstatus and press Enter. You will get the license type, as mentioned in the image below.

010120 1444 HowtoTransf4

7. In a few seconds, you will get the license type. You can verify the type and details from the table mentioned above. If it’s Retail or FPP, then you can easily transfer Microsoft Office to your new computer.

Tip 2: Verify the number of concurrent installations allowed

How to transfer Microsoft Office to another computer? Verify the number of concurrent installations allowed. If you are using Microsoft office 2013, then it allows users to install different packages on three different computers. But later on, Microsoft reduced the number of installations from 3 to 1.

Furthermore, it depends on the package that you are using, so you can verify it from the package which you have bought.

Tip 3: Verify the license type to transfer

I have mentioned the table above of license keys that allow transferring Microsoft Office to another computer. After you have checked your license type, you can verify it from the table whether you can use it or not.

Retail or FPP is the license type that allows you to transfer the Office to the new computer. You can also visit Microsoft to verify your package type, transferrable details and installation per computer.

Note: In case if your transferability is NO, then you can’t be able to transfer the files, and for that, you have to buy a new version.

Part 2. Transfer Microsoft Office 2010/2013/2016/365 to the new computer manually

How to transfer Microsoft Office to another computer without a product key? Here are some simple steps that you can follow to transfer your Microsoft Office to new computer. For these steps, you don’t need to check any license type.

Keep this in mind that this process can be used if your license type is not Retail or FPP. Also, if your Key doesn’t support concurrent installation and the limit has been reached, then you can do it manually.

Let’s dive into the details.

Step 1: Deactivate Microsoft Office on your old computer

The essential step is to deactivate the Office from the old version. Before you download it into the new computer, you have to deactivate it from the old computer.

1. Enter the link in your web browser. At the same time launch a web browser on the old computer where you have Microsoft office.

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2. Now, login into your Microsoft store with your email address and password. Once you enter into the dashboard, it will show you the installation process.

010120 1444 HowtoTransf6

3. Click on the Install. You can find this option below Install office.

010120 1444 HowtoTransf7

4. Now search for the Deactivate option. You can find it in the install section.

010120 1444 HowtoTransf8

5. Click on the Deactivate option, and it will show you the confirmation popup message saying you wouldn’t be able to use many of its features. In this way, you can deactivate the current version easily.

010120 1444 HowtoTransf9

Step 2: Uninstall Microsoft Office from old computer

Follow the steps mentioned below if you want to uninstall Microsoft Office from your old computer. You can do it easily by following some simple steps.

1. The first step is to click on the Window Search Button.

010120 1444 HowtoTransf10

2. Now type Control Panel in the search bar. And press Enter to open the screen of the Control Panel.

010120 1444 HowtoTransf11

3. Once you are on the Control panel, select Programs option. Click on the install program option so you can uninstall Office from your old computer.

010120 1444 HowtoTransf12

4. Now choose the Microsoft Office application that you want to Uninstall. Click on the version that you are using.

010120 1444 HowtoTransf13

5. Click on the Uninstall option, you can find it between the Organize and Change.

010120 1444 HowtoTransf14

6. A popup will show up which will confirm if you want to uninstall the program.

010120 1444 HowtoTransf15

Step 3: Install Microsoft Office on new Computer

Now it’s time to install the Microsoft Office on the new computer. Before you do that, make sure you have followed all the steps mentioned above.

In order to install it on the new computer, make sure your MS Office matches your product key. Also, make sure you have login credentials because many times you have to login to verify your account.

1. Browse to the Microsoft website again with your new computer. Login to your account.

2. Now click on the Install button.

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3. You will see a popup window where you can click the Run option. After that, click on the “Next” option to continue.

4. After that, you have to verify your Microsoft account. Add your account details to verify your account.

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After that, you have to wait for the downloading process. Once it’s done, you can easily use your Office into your new computer. Make sure to follow all the process if you want to enjoy Microsoft office features on your new computer.

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