7 Ways to Transfer Photos from One Computer to Another

When you bought a new computer or the old computer damaged, you may need to transfer files from one computer to another. Especially for many precious photos, we may need to transfer to another computer. When you are in a place with good network conditions, you can directly share it to another user’s computer through a social media platform. But when you have a lot of photos, you may need something like a external hard drive or a two-way data transfer line to complete this operation. Below I will introduce you several very efficient transfer methods for transferring photos on two computers.

Ways 1. Share through social media platforms

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If the other computer is not nearby, we can transfer the photos to the other computer through network sharing. The easiest way is through our social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter. We just need to open the corresponding social media website with a browser on two computers, log in to our account, and then we can share the photos to the other computer. The same computer receives photos via a browser or client.

Way 2. Transfer through chat software.

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There are a lot of chat software for communication, such as WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, Telegram. We just need to open the chat software or webpage on two computers, then log in to the account, and then share the photos directly through the chat software, which is very convenient.

Way 3. Email the photos

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Sending files by mail is a very traditional and commonly used method. We just need to send an email with the photo attached to the other person’s mailbox. The other party can download your photos via webmail or email client on the computer.

Way 4. Using an external hard drive

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Nowadays, hard drive and other types of storage devices are becoming cheaper and more portable. If you happen to have an idle hard drive, we can copy the photos on the computer directly to the hard drive and then connect the hard drive to another computer and transfer the photos over. You can transfer a large number of photos at once, for example, our common photos may be 4MB. Then a 1 TB hard drive can store 250,000 photos, which is enough for you to transfer all the photos on your computer.

Way 5. Through cloud storage.

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If you are using a Windows computer, especially Windows 10, it comes with a OneDrive program. This is a cloud storage service developed by Microsoft. You can log in to your Onedrive account and upload your photos to Onedrive. Then you can access the Onedrive client or webpage on another computer and download the file to another computer. There are many cloud storage services like this, such as Google Drive, Dropbox. However, it should be noted that for free accounts, the space provided by these cloud storage services is limited, and they are roughly a dozen to dozens of GB.

Way 6. Directly share through the local area network.

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When the two computers are nearby, you can directly share photos to another computer via the local area network. Generally, you can directly transfer photos through the WiFi of the same router, and then use the file-sharing function or special file transfer software that comes with Windows. You can know detailed steps in 4 Methods to Share Files between Computers on Same Network

Way 7. Using Windows10 Nearby sharing feature

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If you are using Windows 10 version 1803 or later, you will notice that Windows has added a nearby sharing feature. This feature is very powerful. Just like the Airdrop feature of Apple devices. As long as the two computers have WiFi or Bluetooth enabled, we can share photos directly to the other computer, which is very convenient. To know how to use Nearby Sharing, check What Is and How to Use Nearby Sharing in Windows 10

There are several different methods described above for transferring photos to another computer. Each method has different advantages and disadvantages. You can decide which method to use to transfer these photos to another computer according to your actual situation, such as network conditions, cost, distance, etc. If you are using windows 10, it is recommended to use the nearby sharing function, which is also the most convenient of all the methods.

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