Try Android Pie for free My notification bar is my choice

Many old Android phones have never been able to receive the latest version upgrade, and the notification bar interface of many new Android phones is not beautiful either. The good news is that we can make any Android phone use Android Pie (9.0) style notification bar for free with just one app.

First of all, we need to install Power Shade app (notification panel changer, please search the download address by yourself) on our phone, and since it involves various function switches and notification reading, we suggest you give it enough permission in the permission management.

06wjccs xlcd 01

The interface of this app is very simple, the home page only provides 5 function icons, the slider at the top can start/close the application, before opening we need to enter the “trigger” interface first, make sure the “use trigger” is active.

06wjccs xlcd 02

In the “layout” interface, we can adjust the background brightness, modify the number of grid rows, but the latter need to upgrade to the Pro version to achieve, need to pay, while Power Shade free function module is actually enough to meet our needs.

06wjccs xlcd 03

In the “Colors” screen, we can modify the notification theme style, customize the panel background, tile icon, brightness slider, notification background color, everything you want. In the “Additional Features” screen, we can modify the avatar, customize the operator name and other information.

06wjccs xlcd 04

Once everything is ready, you can start Power Shade through the slider bar, and then a prompt will pop up for the start-up permission, click on the corresponding button to enter the relevant settings interface, which is not difficult to set up.

06wjccs xlcd 05

Now, let’s compare the system default notification bar and the notification bar created by Power Shade.

06wjccs xlcd 06

06wjccs xlcd 07

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