Two-pronged approach to make the 2016 version of Office no longer “nesting”

Due to work needs, I purchased a genuine license of Office 2016, Project 2016 and Visio 2016 software, the beginning of the installation of only the office “three pieces” Word, Excel and PowerPoint, after activation to use normal. Later, when I wanted to continue installing tools such as Visio 2016 and Project 2016, an error message appeared (Figure 1). After searching the Internet, I found that many people encountered the same problem as the author, and the following will share the author’s solution, so that Office no longer “nest”.


Manual installation to solve the problem

First of all, you have to change the default installation directory of the program. Click “Start→Run”, then in the “Run” dialog box that pops up, type “regedit”, then click “OK “, open the “Registry Editor” and locate “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion ” branch. Right-click the string value named “ProgramFilesDir” in the right display area and change its default parameter “C:Program Files” to “D:Program Files”. Program Files”. Finally, close the “Registry Editor” and restart the system to make it effective.

Tip: Since the 2016 version of Visio, Project and other tools have adopted a new installation technology called “Click-to-Run”, which does not allow users to modify the installation location of the program, so modify the registry to install it to “D:Program Files” directory in order to avoid the risk of being installed in the “D:Program Files” directory. Files” directory to avoid slowing down the system disk due to its bloated size.

Next, install Office, Visio and Project 2016. first, remove the installed Office 2016 from your computer and download “Visio 2016” from Microsoft’s official website, its ISO image already contains all Office components as well as Visio and Project. Project, open it with WinRAR and extract it to the root directory of G drive for backup. Then search and download the corresponding “Office Install.RAR” from the Internet, unzip and run its interface as shown in the figure (Figure 2), check the Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office components that need to be installed, as well as the Project and Visio to be added. Visio, and then click the corresponding drop-down arrows, select “Office 2016” and “x86”, click the “Use offline installation” button, browse to locate the G disk root directory, and finally click the “Install Office” button on it.


After completing the above operations, you can immediately see the familiar installation interface of Office (Figure 3), and in about 20 minutes, you will finish the installation of Microsoft “Three Pieces” and the 2016 versions of Visio and Project.


Tip: After installing Microsoft “Three Piece”, Visio and Project 2016 in this way, there will not be any shortcut on the desktop, so you can open the “D:Program FilesMicrosoft Officeroot Office16” directory, create a shortcut for the relevant program and send it to the desktop.

One-click silent installation method

If you install the above software for multiple colleagues in your office, the first option is rather tedious, but we can use a small tool to achieve a one-click silent installation.

There is a corresponding “Configure.rar” file available online, download it, unzip it, and then use “UltraISO” to open the downloaded Visio2016.ISO, which will be downloaded from ” Configure.rar”, extract the “Configure.bat”, “Configure.exe” and ” Configure.xml” files (Figure 4), and finally save them. In this way, use WinRAR to extract Visio 2016 directly to a root directory on the hard disk, run the extracted Configure.bat, you can achieve a one-click silent installation of Word and other “three sets”, the 2016 version of Visio and Project.



The Office Install tool used in this article can be found in Baidu by searching with the keyword “Office 2016 C2R Install”. Office Deployment Tool” (ODT for short). ODT is a command line tool that allows you to download and deploy Office 365/Office 2016 Professional Plus and better control Office installations, such as defining which products and languages to install, how products should be updated, and whether to show the installation experience to users, etc. This tool can be searched and downloaded from the official Microsoft website.

★ Be sure to check the files and tools you get from the Internet with security software before using them to make sure they are safe. In addition, before using them, it is necessary to clarify the specific content of these files and tools and confirm their actual functions, preferably in a safe environment such as a sandbox or virtual machine before applying them on the real machine.

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