Two swords together Excel + Visio production to organize the flow chart

For promotional purposes, many companies create flow charts to illustrate the various relationships that exist within the company, such as upper and lower management. In addition, some of the more complex work processes can be quickly and accurately understood by customers if they are explained to them through flowcharts. Next, I will use examples to illustrate the use of Visio (this article for the 2016 version) and Excel (this article for 2016) to create flowcharts of several tips to help you quickly create a beautiful and atmospheric flowchart to improve efficiency.

Visio + Excel to quickly create flowcharts

Xiao Wang in a private enterprise to do secretarial work, due to the private enterprise talent flow is more frequent, so the company’s bulletin board, indicating that the organizational structure of the leadership at all levels of affiliation must also be frequently replaced. In the past, this kind of flow chart, Wang are using Visio to draw, not an hour simply can not get, but asked to Excel “help”, just a few minutes to draw a good.

First of all, the production of leadership affiliation table. Run Excel, create an Excel document (Figure 1), where the cells in column A are the names of different levels of leadership, column B cells are the superiors of each leader (in this case, “Lv Guoqing” is the big boss, so his superiors are empty), column D and column E cells are each leader’s position and the department . The above information is edited, the Excel document will be saved to any location on the hard disk for backup.


Tip: For the data shown in the legend, it is recommended that you copy the data from the existing employee information table of the unit to save time and improve efficiency.

The next step is to import the data to generate the process organization chart. Run Visio, click “File → New → Organization Chart Wizard” command, open the “Organization Chart Wizard” dialog box. Then click “Next” and select the “Excel File” option, and then the previous step to save the “Personnel Information Sheet . “Next” until you are done. In this way, Visio generated an organizational chart indicating the leadership affiliation (Figure 2).


Tip: The above illustration of the organization chart staff photo location is blank by default, if you need to add photos, you can right-click the area, select “Image → Change Image”, the pre-prepared picture to add in on it.

“Fetishism” to make the flow chart more beautiful

Xiao Ma is a car 4S store sales staff, because many customers are loans to buy a car, so he has to repeat N times a day to buy a car loan process, making their own dry mouth, mood is also bad. In fact, the many aspects of the loan to buy a car with a flow chart, the customer access to relevant information will be much less trouble.

Run Visio, click “New → Blank Drawing” to create a blank drawing file, and then click the “Insert” tab in the “Insert Image” button, insert the pre-prepared a number of PNG format Prepared a number of PNG format material, and arranged as shown in the figure (Figure 3). At the same time select these pictures, right-click on it, in the pop-up context menu, select “Combination → Combination”, it will be combined into one piece.


Click the “Text Box” button in the “Insert” tab of Visio to insert a “text box” into the Visio editing area and enter the flowchart related to the production of Enter the descriptive text related to the flowchart (e.g. “A 4S store loan to buy a car business process”). Next, select the text entered and right-click it. In the context menu that pops up, set the font, font size and color parameters to make it neat and beautiful. Repeat the above process, and then enter the text corresponding to each part of the loan to buy a car in the small circle (Figure 4).


Finally, click the menu “File→Export” command to export the flowchart to PDF format, which is very convenient for printing or sharing to customers through WeChat or QQ.

Material to template flowchart production easier

If you often produce the same type of flow chart, you may wish to save some of the commonly used picture material as a template, so that the production of such flow charts in the future, it will be more trouble-free.

Before you start, collect the image materials. Open the 1PP network (, to “flow chart” as a keyword search, and download their favorite (Figure 5), and then select a picture in the slide (such as the red tree shown in Figure 5), right-click it, select ” Save as picture”, save it as a PNG format picture for backup.


Repeat this step, and then the PPT template in their favorite other picture material saved as a PNG picture backup can be.

Tip: In the “material China” (URL:, to “flow chart” as the keyword search, you can also search for a number of PSD format beautiful templates, you can use “Fireworks” to open it, extract the required material and save as PNG format.

Now to create flowchart templates. In the main interface of Visio, click the menu “File → Open” command, open the “C:UsersAdministratorDocumentsMy Shape” directory VSSX” file in the “C:UsersAdministratorDocumentsMy Shapes” directory (Administrator is the currently logged-in system account), and then in the “Mold” template on the left side of Visio (Figure 6), right-click and select “New Master Shape”, follow the prompts to create a master shape named “Tree”, and then in the right display area, insert the corresponding PNG image you just prepared. Repeat the above steps to create multiple master shapes, and add other PNG images to them.


Finally, save the file as “My Template . In the future, you can create a new flowchart file by opening the template file (Figure 6) and dragging the corresponding material from the left side of the “Mold” panel to the right side of the display area.

Tip: Although Visio comes with some template materials, but the display effect is not good, and make full use of the existing image materials on the Internet, you can create a better effect, more suitable for their own flowchart template.

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