Office hacks: two tips to make documents more neat and beautiful

After we finish editing a document, we often feel that it looks uncomfortable for various reasons. If the user does not care too much about this, naturally do not care too much about these details, but if the user wants to make the document look more neat and beautiful, then you need to adjust some of the details.

Use the table to align the contract paragraph

When we make a contract, we need to set up the contract at the end of the A, B, time and other related content, but in practice, these contents are often difficult to align. In order to make the contract looks more formal and beautiful, we can use the form to align the settings.

We first enter the relevant content in Word, and each content between the space bar to separate, such as “Party A: _______” so. Then select the content, click the “Insert” tab in the “Form” button, in the pop-up menu, select the “text to table” command, a dialog box will pop up. in the “text separation position” region, select the “space” option (Figure 1), click “OK” button to close this dialog box, you will find that the content just entered has become a form The content just entered will be turned into a table.


Next, adjust the width of the first and second columns, and then select the contents of these two columns, in the “Align” menu, select “Central Alignment” command. Next, select the last column, the “alignment” set to “horizontal centering” can be. Finally, we will select all of this form, in the pop-up dialog box, click the “border” menu “no frame line” command (Figure 2), so that the form of the border line will be automatically hidden, thus forming a very neat drop content.


Multiple groups of charts to achieve the display of data

When we create Excel tables, we often have multiple groups of different data, but because the amount of data between them is relatively large, there are very big problems when they are displayed through charts. For example, when expressed in a bar chart, some data is shown very long, while some data is almost invisible. In fact, the best solution for us at this point is to use two different kinds of charts to set up.

We first follow the conventional method to create an Excel table, then click the “Insert” tab in the “Recommended Charts” button, in the pop-up dialog box, select “All Charts “tab, and then click the bottom of the list on the left side of the “Combination Chart” option. Next we can choose which charts to combine according to the content information in our own table. For example, here I have a bar chart and a line chart to show the price and quantity respectively.

Now click on the “Custom Combinations” option button in the right-hand window, then click on the list button at the bottom after “Quantity” and select “Stacked Bar Chart” in the pop-up menu. In the pop-up menu, select “Stacked Bar Chart” and check the “Sub-Axis” option. Then click on the list button after “Number” at the bottom, and select “Line Chart with Data Markers” in the pop-up menu (Figure 3).


Once the settings are complete, we can see the preview of the chart above, and if there are no problems, click the “OK” button to confirm (Figure 4).


Tip: Either in the line chart or in the tree chart click the right mouse button, select the “Set Data Point Format” command in the menu, in the pop-up dialog box to set, you can further beautify the chart settings.


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