System hacks: Two tricks to make OneDrive work better

OneDrive, the network drive that comes with Windows 10, provides convenience for backing up and synchronizing data. In the process of using OneDrive, we can also set or modify it to make the network drive more efficient to use.

1. Right-click operation Upload any file with one click

The software that provides cloud services in China, such as, WPS Cloud Drive, and Youdao Cloud Notes, all provide right-click file uploading service. However, OneDrive does not provide such convenience, and usually we only have to manually deposit files into the sync folder before we can finish automatic uploading.

In fact, we can add OneDrive to the “Send to” menu through the settings. This allows you to quickly upload files to the OneDrive cloud with a right-click command. Right-click on the Start button and select Run. In the Run dialog, type and run the command “shell:sendto”. Then the “Send to” folder will open, right-click under the folder and select “New → Shortcut”, and select the local OneDrive folder location via the “Browse” button. Select the local OneDrive folder location with the “Browse” button (Figure 1).


Then, name the shortcut “OneDrive Space” and click “Finish”. After that, you can use the “Send to” command to send any file to OneDrive (Figure 2).


2. Modify threads to make OneDrive uploads faster

If you are using a lower version of Windows 10 (e.g. version 1703), you can increase the number of OneDrive upload threads by doing the following. Type “%localappdata%MicrosoftOneDrivesettingsPersonalglobal.ini” in the address bar of File Explorer, enter and the global.ini configuration file will open automatically. Add the code “numberOfConcurrentUploads=2” in front of the file and save it (Figure 3).


If you are using Windows 10 version 1709 or later, simply select “No limit” for the upload speed via the “Network” tab in the “Settings” window (Figure 4).


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