Typing a new tabbed list in Microsoft Word 2019

There are two ways to set tabs when typing a list. Type the listfirst or set tabs, and then type the list thereafter:

  1. Create a new Word document and type up the following list:

ms office 387

  1. Be sure to press the Tab key on the keyboard onlyonce after each word typed. If you are not sure whether you have donethis correctly, click on the Show/Hideicon (in the Paragraph group on the Home tab) to show the tabmarkers in the document (demonstrated earlier), as illustrated in thefollowing screenshot:

ms office 277

This way, you can see if you have more than one tab markerbetween each piece of text. If so, just delete one of the markers byusing the Backspace or Delete key on the keyboard.Don’t be concerned if the typing looks untidy, as in the precedinglist!

  1. Select (highlight) the list you have just typed.
  2. Set tabs at the following positions on the ruler bar, using yourmethod of choice:

ms office 879

To move a tab stop position, click on the marker on the ribbon and moveit with the left mouse button along the ruler to a new position ORaccess the Tabs dialog box, clear theold position, and enter a new tab.

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