How to Fix Unable to Complete Operation Due to Low Memory

Unable to Complete Operation Due to Low memory is one of the most common errors many Android users encounter while trying to upload a file using a web browser. Even though the error is common for Google Chrome users, one can also encounter it on other web browsers like Opera Mini and UC Browser.

If you’re facing the same situation, here’s a quick guide to fix unable to complete operation due to low memory on your Android smartphone.

How to Fix Unable to Complete Operation

When it comes to fixing the low memory error, you can try two different solutions and stick with the one that works for you. Let’s walk you through each of these solutions so that you can quickly fix the issue and continue uploading the file without any interruptions.

Solution 1: Try another web browser

The most convenient and probably the quickest fix to get rid of the low memory error on Android is to switch to a new web browser. For instance, let’s say you’re trying to upload the file on Google Chrome and facing the same error every time, despite having 4GB RAM. In this case, simply go to Google Play Store and install a different web browser like Mozilla Firefox and see if you encounter the low memory or not.

In many cases, the issue is not with the device memory but the web browser itself. That’s why switching to a different web browser would fix unable to complete operation due to low memory error.

Solution 2: Alter setting on your phone

If the above method doesn’t work, another solution would be to alter the device settings. However, this method is a bit complicated and it’s important to follow each step precisely.

Here’s the step-by-step process to fix the unable to complete operation due to low memory error through the “Settings” menu.

Step 1: Go to “Settings” and scroll down to select “Developer Options”.

Step 2: If you don’t find “Developer Options”, go to “About Device” and continue tapping the “Build Number” option until you see the “You are now a developer” message on your screen.

Step 3: Once you’re in the “Developer Options” menu, scroll down and uncheck the “Don’t Keep Activities” options to turn it off.


Once you’ve turned off the option, each app activity will be destroyed as soon as you close the map. As a result, you won’t face any issues while uploading a file using any web browser.

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