UniConverter Review: A Complete Media Converter, Ripper and Editor (Mac and Windows)


Review Summary of UniConverter

Platforms: Mac and Windows.

UniConverter is a media transcoding, converting and ripping software — one among the long chain of software made available by WonderShare. The software aims at being a full-featured, all-in-one solution for a wide range of operations such as file conversion between various formats, media metadata repair, and tools including GIF maker, file transfer, CD burner, and ripper among others. The software is available on both Mac and Windows devices.

Pros & Cons

So, here are some of the likable and not-so-likable things about UniConverter…


· Heavily packed with tools and functions for almost any form of media manipulation

· Supports, and could covert between over a thousand file formats and codecs.

· File conversion with retained quality and GPU acceleration


· $40 and $90 for Windows and Mac respectively, is kind of pricey

· Very limited free version

· You get watermarked on the free or trial version

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Why Trust Me

I’ve tested and reviewed lots of software — especially the video-related ones. When I’m not testing such software specifically for reviews, then I’m using them for fun or personal stuff. I always have a few of these tools available each of my devices as they come in handy when working on personal projects, or for clients. I used lots of media workstations — some so bad I can’t remember their names, and the good ones I can’t forget. Here is a review of UniConverter (a one-stop media editor), I hope this review will answer your questions about this software.

UniConverter: FAQs

1. How Do I Sign Up For WonderShare UniConverter Account?

This depends on if you already have a WonderShare ID or not. If you do have a WonderShare ID, you just need to log in with your details otherwise you simply follow the prompts to sign up for a new WonderShare Account. You’ll be subsequently given your WonderShare ID. UniConverter’s user interface on Mac is very similar to that of Windows so, the steps are pretty much the same.

2. How Do I Activate WonderShare If Purchased From Third-party Sites?

It’s common to have purchased WonderShare from third party sites such as Amazon or other online stores. In such a case, to activate the software, you simply redeem your license. The redeem function is specifically meant for users who purchased from other stores instead of a WonderShare site.

In the Redeem tab, you simply fill out the form and follow the prompts and you’re good to go.

3. UniConverter Still Shows “Unregistered” Even After Making Payments For The App.

Well, this happens if you haven’t activated the program correctly. To properly activate the program you need to use your licensed email address and registration code. From the software’s main screen, click the software’s name (“UniConverter”) > Register. Simply follow the prompts from there. In cases where watermarks still appear on your photos or videos, simply reconvert it after properly registering the full version.

Note: Make sure you are logged into your admin account before attempting registration. And, on Mac, you’ll need to repeat the process for every account on your computer.

UniConverter: A Detailed Review

UniConverter aims to be a one-stop application for everything media manipulation. Talking about changing media meta information, converting from one format to another, trimming and merging files, a simple video downloader, compressor, and editor (e.g. crop, subtitles, filter, and audio adjustment), DVD burner and ripper, screen recorder, among others.

UniConverter is packed with so many tools and functions that you may even need. So, here is a review of some handpicked features:

1. The Video Conversion Tool

Users find UniConverter’s video converter very convenient as there’s hardly a video format it cannot handle. UniConverter supports over 1,000 audio and video formats. The software handles, and can easily convert an AVI file to MOV, WEBM to MP4, TS to MP4, MP4 to MPEG, and so on. Another simple but highly appreciated feature is the ability to work on several files at the same time.

VR Devices & 4k Video Formats

VR device and 4k formats, of course, aren’t left out! Several VR devices are supported by UniConverter: the software supports several VR devices and 4K video formats including MP4, AVI, MOV, and MKV.

2. The Media Merger

UniConverter’s file merger is a pretty simple one. Simply launch the Interface, Drag and drop your files unto the window. Files could be images, sound files, or videos. Once done, you simply select your targeted file output (I.e., the new format) and then start the process with a click of a button.

3. The Burning to Disc and GPU-Accelerated Ripping Experience

Most of the popular video formats (MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.) are allowed for burning to Disc on UniConverter. From version 12.0, you could burn any video format to DVD or Blu-ray discs. UniConverter offers a one-click interface to initiate burning to disc. The GPU-accelerated ripping process is quite impressive, although the UI doesn’t show a frame counter for comparison with other similar apps, it still looks impressive.

With UniConverter, you could:

· Burn HD videos to disc without worrying about quality loss

· Burn videos to ISO files and disc folders on your device

· Backup videos to disc

UniConverter also comes packages with DVD templates to beautify and accelerate your work:

· Set up DVD menu templates with a variety of themes.

· Add background images and music from your local hard drive to the disc.

· Customize the DVD title by adjusting its properties such as font size, color, etc.

There’s also a feature for converting the content of a disc to mainstream media formats for your computer. This feature is available from version 12 and above. You could convert media files in your discs to MP4, MOV among other video formats in just a few clicks.

Support For Burning Multiple Discs Simultaneously

Version 12, you could burn multiple DVD discs simultaneously to create high-quality replicas.

4. The Screen Recording Tool

Screen recording comes in handy whenever you wish to capture a non-static screen — in which case, a simple screenshot plainly won’t do the trick — and that’s where screen recording comes in. Very useful for gamers who like to record their actions. Version 12.0 and above supports screen capturing, it allows you to record either your full screen or just a smaller portion of the screen. One great thing about UniConverter’s screen recorder is the ability for the user to manually select the needed portion of the screen… just like cropping a photo — but instead a video.

More Features of the Screen Recorder

· Customizable recording frame/screen area

· Control over recording frame rate and overall quality

· Supports audio input option

· Scheduled recording: if your computer is on at a set time, it simply starts recording your screen automatically.

· Supports webcam recording: Recording webcams without losing original quality, Recording input devices and webcam voices, and NetworkIP cameras.

and cooler things to come

Do keep an eye for updates, newer versions of UniConverter might be hitting the market with new features such as:

· Dual screen recording

· Live painting on the recorded screen, and

· Picture-in-picture screen recording modes

5. The Video Downloader

UniConverter’s video downloader has access to over 10,000 video download sites. There are only a few things greater than having a single software that gives you access to all your favorite movies! You could download videos from these sites in just a few clicks with UniConverter. Furthermore, you could convert these videos to the very formats compatible with your local device or for playback on your TV and phones.

NB: UniConverter can only download videos from sites with authorized copyright for obvious reasons.

Reasons Behind The Review & Ratings

UniConverter has gathered over 50 million satisfied users. The software’s beautiful design and interface combined with its prowess when it comes to media conversion — and not just that, might have been the reason behind its success. Apart from media conversion, the software extends its power across other media manipulation functions such as Disc ripping and burning. Here’s à breakdown of the reasons behind UniConverter’s ratings:

· Effectiveness

Almost every function embedded in UniConverter follows professional best practices. Most times, the processes are visibly fast — like the GPU-accelerated disc ripping and burning. UniConverter seems to do very impressive work on media conversion, transcoding, and burning/ripping.

· Simplicity

Apart from the warm colors used for the user interface, UniConverter tries to maintain a 5-star overall user experience. From the landing window, you could see the summary of every feature contained within the app neatly stacked. This makes navigation around the software easy. UniConverter’s simple and easy-to-understand design is rather a smart move; a software having as many functions and tools as UniConverter should really prioritize user interface and experience.

· Customer Support

WonderShare generally has a fairly good customer support service. With millions of satisfied customers, WonderShare’s customer service obviously does a great job handling customers and the issues they face.

· Cost

$40 and $90 for Windows and Mac respectively, is quite expensive for the low-end user. However, as a commercial app, this might be expected. Considering the number of functions and tools made available by the app — and the fact that purchases made are for a lifetime, the cost isn’t entirely bad. A lifetime purchase means that you get support and every new feature whenever released without spending another penny.

UniConverter: Alternatives

There’re lots of other apps that provide the kinds of functions provided by UniConverter. Here are some:

1. DivX Converter

DivX is a widely used video converter that offers various functions such as video creation, casting your favorite videos in various formats such as DivX®, AVI, HEVC, and MKV with support for 4k resolutions. The main version of DivX is free and available for Windows and Mac. The free version includes several components to enjoy your high-quality video playback on DivX Player, convert video DivX Converter and also cast media from your device to your TV on DivX Media Server. The $20 price is more affordable, compared to UniConverter. However, the functions and tools provided by UniConverter are much more.

2. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

WinX is similar to UniConverter in some ways; for example, WinX could also convert HD/4k videos to various formats including MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, MP3, and so on. It also implements GPU-acceleration and can compress large 4k videos. Users can also edit video files, extract audio and snapshots from videos, and create photo slideshows. Like almost every other app, it has trial/free and premium versions. The premium version cost about $60 after 50% limited time disc and about $30 before. The software is also available for Windows and Mac.

3. VideoProc

VideoProc like the others also allows free trial. The free version allows users to convert short video and audio files for free. The full version starts from $30 and $60 dollars without the 49% discount and up to $120. VideoProc also aims to be a one-stop software for handling media files. VideoProc is capable of converting videos, audios, and DVDs to over 400 output formats.

Other features include:

o Speedily converts and edits 4K/8K/large videos.

o Upscale & downscales videos

o Adjust media quality.

o Download videos, screen, and process files in batches.

The Final Word

UniConverter aims to be the last bus stop for everything media editing and management. The commercial software comes at a price of $40 — $70 which is kind of expensive. The software has a bunch of functions and tools within it — good thing that the software’s design properly accommodates these functions in an easy to use and understand interface, otherwise newer users won’t find it easy at all. The DVD ripper and burning tools are superb, one of the best of 2020 — even if they were standalone tools. There are lots of software that provide the kind of services made available by UniConverter, but one great thing about UniConverter is having all these tools in one place — thereby eliminating the need for ever needing multiple apps.

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